Anavar what does it do?

Anavar Review

Anavar ( Generic name: Oxandrolone)

is an anabolic androgenic steroid( AAS) used by bodybuilders and athletes to

enhance muscle mass and to get rid of body fat.

It was originally prescribed to patients who lost muscle mass , or have lost weight after extensive surgery, or muscle wasting conditions as a result of infection,  trauma, autoimmune diseases.

It builds up muscle by building up proteins, preventing breakdown of proteins in the muscles and also brings about bone repair to an extent.

Anavar has similar actions to that of testosterone, the male hormone.

It was designed so as to improve the muscle building characteristics as provided by testosterone while minimize it’s other undesired negative side effects such as Male type baldness, increase facial and body hair growth, gynaecomastia may occur.

These anabolic androgenic steroids have a very high anabolic activity- their androgenic rate is 10:1, compared to testosterone, which has a 1:1 ratio.

Anavar- what is it used for?

Anavar is used as one of the fastest ways to gain muscles by bodybuilding communities to bulk up their muscles while getting rid of the body fat in a rather quick span of time.

It promotes muscle repair due to its ability to regrow amino acids faster than the others.

Its is often taken along with other testosterone-inducing steroids for a boosted effect.

It also has been prescribed to patients suffering from Osteoporosis,  a bone condition characterized by reduced bone density and subsequent brittleness, Anavar has been shown to promote some bone growth as well as reduce osteogenic pain.

Anavar has also been shown to decrease the side effects of lung term corticosteroids usage.

Anavar how it works 

The main action of Anavar comes from its ability to constantly retain nitrogen which creates an ideal pool of amino acids required for protein synthesis thereby helping muscle grow  substantially.

The other actions of Anavar include:

-improves calcium and magnesium reserve

-blocks the catabolic receptors responsible for muscle breakdown

-affects creatinine phosphate levels

-Up-regulates androgen receptors in skeletal muscles

-Increases IGF-1, or Insulin like growth factor

It can be taken orally and completely surpassing liver metabolism,while most other steroids are injected into the muscles.

Anavar is taken at 20 mg a day in the morning and afternoons taken about 10 minutes(varies from person to person)before  a meal.

 It is taken twice a day so as to maintain optimal levels of tey drug in the blood and to allow enough concentration to bring about the desired effects.

The dosage is then slowly increased or decreased depending on one’s tolerance and adverse reaction of the body to the drug.

A cycle of Anavar to boost one’s muscle hardness and definition should last about 8 weeks.

It is also imperative that the  ones on the drug not merely depend on them to improve muscle mass but also  follow a healthy diet and exercise regimen .

Anavar and Testosterone

Anavar was designed so as to have lesser androgenic but more anabolic effects, with its anabolic effect being higher than testosterone.

On usage of Anavar, the hormonal axis and feedback mechanisms are altered leading to decreased levels of various hormones responsible for male hormonal balance such as Lutenizing hormone, follicle stimulating hormone and sex hormone binding globulin

Anavar along with testosterone is administered in cases of muscle wasting conditions such as HIV leading or an overall increase in free testosterone levels

What Are the Side Effects of Anavar?



-size reduction or atrophy of testicles


-insulin resistance

-increased blood glucose

-increased blood pressure


– if on anticoagulants,  increases bleeding time

– Decreased sperm count

– Decreased bladder retention

Anavar and liver toxicity

Most common side effect for all anabolic androgenic steroids are the toxicity of the liver and cholestatic jaundice

Anavar on long term usage along with other anabolic steroids has been linked with the occurrence of a various liver diseases.

It brings about the following changes:

-increased liver function enzyme levels

-Hepatic dysfunction

-Peliosis hepatitis

-Hepatocellular carcinoma

Hepatic dysfunction:

Hepatic dysfunction commonly referred to as liver failure is a diseases state of the liver impairing the liver’s ability to filter out the harmful toxins. Liver failure can occur due to various causes such as viruses, metabolic diseases , autoimmune diseases, toxic drugs, alcohol abuse,etc. Anavar long term use and abuse along with other anabolic steroids damages thrive cells and affecting their normal function, subsequently leading to liver failure.

Peliosis Hepatis

Peliosis hepatis is a condition in which multiple cysts, which are nothing but blood filled

 cavities are found within the liver sometimes even involving the spleen. These cysts on rupturing  cause severe hemorrhage causing complications,  sometimes even leading to fatality.

On withdrawal of the drug, the cysts growth with regress or cease completely.

If you’re Anavar and experience abdominal pain, persistent stomach ache or digestion problems then it is advised to consult a doctor at the earliest.

Since it affects the liver it also brings about altered cholesterol levels as liver is the main source of cholesterol metabolism, leading to increased risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Why is Anavar illegal?

As with other performance enhancing drugs and steroids,  it is illegal to use shortcuts to bulk up your muscles while appearing for competitive bodybuilding tournaments.

Moreover anabolic steroids unless and until prescribed by a certified physician for the use of treating muscle wasting conditions or other inflammatory and infectious conditions should not be prescribed for bodybuilding or aesthetic purposes.

People who sell, buy or involved in the drug trading business are liable to severe consequences including prison time. They are not to be used unless prescribed by a physician.

The usage of anabolic steroids in various combinations,  cycles and dosages may be alluring for someone who wants to get quick results with minimum efforts,  but remember these accolades will not last long and only leads to a lesser quality of life later on with the occurrence of many life-threatening conditions.  So before you turn towards steroids for illegal purposes,  ask yourself if it is worth your well-being.

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