what is Androbolic and what does it do?

What is Androblic?” you might be asking yourself, and if you are one of the people who are looking for answers, then this article can help. In here, I will tell you exactly what is androbolic, what it does, and how you can use this wonder pill to build better muscles.

First, you have to know what anabolic androsterone (also known as ANDRO) is. Androbolic is an anabolic (meaning it causes muscle gain) hormone that has been found in certain species of peppers and some other fruits such as apples. It’s the main component of red pepper fruits and has been used for centuries by herbalists as well as athletes and body builders. So let’s get down to the basics and look at what androbolic really does.

How does androbolic work?

Androbolic contains two very unique delivery systems: (1) a transdermal patch and (2) a suppository. The transdermal patch is applied directly onto the target muscle tissue where you want to build muscles. The patch is then absorbed slowly into the muscle tissue where it acts as a ‘substance’ by stimulating hormone production to cause growth. The patch is very effective as long as it is taken continuously and doesn’t stop when the effects are gone.

The second delivery system is a suppository, which means it is applied to the skin (where it is absorbed). Suppositories are used for different reasons, but the main reason is to increase the amount of androgenic hormones in the body to promote muscle building. Androgenic hormones are androgens (male hormones that cause hair growth and aggression) and they have been linked with androgenic alopecia or male pattern baldness.

What does androlic do?

The active androgenic compound in androbolic acid is heat sensitivity. Heat sensitivity allows the compound to only activate when the temperature is right. It’s this action, that is the key to its potency and ability to be used in a topical application. When applied to the scalp (not just the testicles), androids can have an increased effect on hair growth and prostate size too. It seems that androgens (like testosterone) can also have an effect on muscle development.

Androbolic acid, according to some studies, can actually increase testosterone levels in men too! Testosterone levels are important for muscle growth and recovery after intense exercise. It seems that androgens may help regulate cell growth and division (which lead to muscle growth) by acting on transcription factors. The way it works is by binding with androgenic receptors on the genes and then preventing the messenger RNA from reading the message correctly and instead triggering a “switch” that causes the messenger RNA to stop or turn off the process. Basically, it messes with the genetic coding to make sure only the desired cells are active and growing.

The next step for this new testosterone booster is to use anabolic steroids (like Testosterone Clonidine and Testosterone propionate) along with the andrographylamine (green tea extract) androbustan (chitrak) in a testosterone selective anabolic protein synthesis in a controlled environment. In this process, androgenic hormones are induced to the point where they act on muscle tissues (like free weights) or tissues with receptors to bind with androgenic hormones. This in turn causes the proteins produced by the proteins to fold and form chains of amino acids (art) that can deliver the nutrients to the targeted muscles or tissues. This precision anabolic protein synthesis is the key to this new type of testosterone booster.

Androblic (250 contains 4-hydroxyisoleucine) is taken by mixing it into your sports drinks, as it is very bitter. Some athletes have mixed it with orange juice because of its sweetness. Because androbolic (250 contains 4-hydroxyisoleucine) is such a sweet amino acid, it may cause your blood glucose to rise dangerously during your workout. Because it binds so tightly with the androgenic receptors, sitosterol may also bind with some testosterone and other hormones, causing side effects like hormone balance problems, low testosterone levels, and worse, infertility. Because of these risks, you should consult your doctor before starting androbolic.

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