Bodybuilding vs Boxing – Which is superior and who triumphs?

  • By: Dave Moffat
  • Date: December 11, 2023
Bodybuilding vs Boxing

Boxers and bodybuilders are both super athletes. They work really hard and train a lot to get stronger, last longer, and move better. They also eat carefully to help their bodies perform at their best.

Even though they’re both sports, boxing and bodybuilding are pretty different. Boxers need to be quick and nimble, while bodybuilders work hard to shape their muscles just right.

Even though some training can help both boxers and bodybuilders, each sport needs its own special kind of training to do well.

If you want to be really good at either boxing or bodybuilding, it’s important to know what each sport needs for success.

A comparison of bodybuilding Vs boxing

Primary GoalTo improve agility, strength, and endurance for fights.To increase muscle mass and definition.
TrainingFocuses on cardio, strength training, and technical skills.Primarily involves resistance and strength training.
NutritionBalanced diet to maintain energy levels and lean physique.High-protein diet to support muscle growth and recovery.
PhysiqueLean and muscular with emphasis on functional strength.Highly muscular with emphasis on symmetry and aesthetics.
CompetitionsBoxing matches judged on technical skill, power, and endurance.Bodybuilding shows judged on muscle size, symmetry, and definition.
RisksRisk of injuries such as concussions and fractures from fights.Risk of injuries from heavy lifting and potential health issues from extreme diets.

What is Bodybuilding?

Bodybuilders are super dedicated athletes. They love the thrill of competing and achieving their goals.

For them, the gym isn’t just like a second home, it’s more like a playground where they can test themselves and find new challenges to beat.

They work really hard and sometimes push themselves to do crazy things. This can be super tough workouts or eating really specific diets. They do all this to take their bodies beyond what most people can even dream of.

But what really drives them is wanting to win against other bodybuilders. They want to show off their strength and how good they are at different fitness skills.

This drive to win helps them to build their biggest successes.

What is Boxing?

Boxing is a super old sport that’s great for your body and your brain. It helps you build muscles, last longer when you’re moving around, and makes your heart stronger.

It can also make you mentally tougher by teaching you self-discipline and healthy ways to deal with stress.

Boxing has changed a bit over time. There are different types, too. These include traditional boxing, bare-knuckle boxing, and kickboxing. But at its core, it’s still about two people testing their skills and fitness against each other using strategy and technique.

This cool mix is why boxing has been around for so long. And today, boxing is a safe and fun way to exercise that makes you feel powerful with every punch!

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Which is more difficult, bodybuilding or boxing?

Some folks think bodybuilding is the easy choice when it comes to fitness contests, but that’s not true!

When we say something is ‘harder’, we can’t really measure it in science. It just depends on what people think based on their own experiences.

In a real contest, some might say boxing is tougher than bodybuilding. We all know that boxers need to be strong and quick, but not many people realize how tough it can be to gain and lose weight for bodybuilding!

Lots of bodybuilders push themselves hard, even if it’s uncomfortable, to shape their bodies for contests. The real winners really go the extra mile!

Can a Bodybuilder Beat a Boxer?

Even though both boxing and bodybuilding are about getting fit and strong, they’re totally different.

Boxing has been a popular fighting sport for a really long time, with proof that people were boxing way back in 3000 BC.

On the other hand, bodybuilding, which is all about gaining muscle and shaping your body, didn’t start until 1901. So it’s not as action-packed as boxing.

This is even more clear when you think about how boxers train to be quick and agile. They use their opponent’s moves against them to land fast punches until they win by knockout. Bodybuilders don’t usually have this type of heart and lung fitness needed for such fighting action.

But still, both sports offer great chances for people to get better at mental discipline, physical strength, and overall health.


Can Boxing Help You Gain Muscle?

If you want to get in shape, boxing is an awesome way to do it. It helps you burn calories and shape your muscles, and it’s also really good for your health.

When you’re using boxing to build muscle, you need to make sure you’re working your muscles hard enough. Then, with enough rest and good food, your muscles will grow stronger.

Doing this can make your immune system better and help control things like cholesterol and blood pressure. It can even make you feel happier! Plus, with boxing, you get to become stronger while you exercise.

Can you combine bodybuilding and boxing?

Sonny Bill Williams is a cool example of someone who can do more than one sport at the same time. He’s a pro at both rugby and boxing, which is really hard to do without getting super tired or hurt.

But, it’s usually not a good idea for athletes to do bodybuilding and boxing at the same time. That’s because these two sports have different goals. Bodybuilding is all about gaining muscle no matter what. Boxing is more about being quick and fit.

So, athletes should choose one sport and really focus on it. That way, they can get better at what their bodies are good at.

Are Bodybuilders Good at Fighting?

Being fit and active is like having a superpower to protect yourself in case something bad happens. Exercising does more than just make you look good; it can also make you feel confident and ready to defend yourself if needed.

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Just because someone is a bodybuilder and looks strong doesn’t mean they’re good at fighting. Being a good fighter takes lots of different skills, like knowing how to block or dodge an attack.

Truth is, sometimes we might be the only ones who can protect ourselves in certain situations. Knowing how to stay cool and think fast when someone might be trying to hurt us could be the difference between getting away safely or getting hurt.

Remember, police officers can’t always get to us right away, so being able to defend ourselves is really important.

Bodybuilding vs. Boxing for Fat Loss

Recent research tells us that eating fewer calories is the key to losing fat.

To see the best results, you need to eat less food than what your body needs to stay at its current weight.

Also, doing strength exercises at the gym is a good way to build and keep your muscles when you’re losing weight.

On the other hand, sports like boxing use a lot of energy but don’t work all of your muscles.

So, if you mix high-energy workouts like boxing with strength training at the gym, you can make a really good plan for losing fat. This will help you get stronger and healthier.

Will Boxing Cause Muscle Loss?

When it comes to boxing, it’s super important to eat right and rest enough so that you don’t lose muscle.

Eating a balanced diet with lots of protein and carbs is key. This helps you get the most out of your training and gives your muscles the food they need to work hard.

Also, getting plenty of sleep each night helps your muscles repair themselves. So, after those late-night boxing practices, make sure to get some good sleep!

Don’t forget to handle any stress in your life. Too much stress can make a hormone called cortisol, which can hurt your muscles.

Doing all these things will not only make you look and feel great when you step into the boxing ring, but also help you perform at your best!


Bodybuilding and boxing are two totally different sports. Both can help you get fit, but they’ll give you different results.

If you want to be super strong and have really hard muscles, you should try bodybuilding.

But if you want to tone your muscles and be quick on your feet, boxing or boxercise classes might be a better choice for you.

No matter which sport you pick, remember that working out regularly and eating healthy foods are the most important things. If you want to see changes. So put on your sneakers and start working towards your goals!

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