Bodybuilding vs Martial Arts – Who Wins In A Fight

  • By: Dave Moffat
  • Date: December 12, 2023
Bodybuilding vs Martial Arts

Bodybuilding and martial arts may seem very different, but they actually have a lot in common.

Basically, bodybuilding is all about getting bigger muscles and looking good. Martial arts, on the other hand, is all about learning how to defend yourself.

Think about it like this: Big Ramy, a super strong bodybuilder from Egypt, and Bruce Lee, a famous Kung Fu master, are both really good at what they do. Big Ramy shows off his strength in competitions, while Bruce Lee uses style and creativity to beat his opponents.

Even though they’re very different, both bodybuilding and martial arts need a lot of hard work to be good at. Whether you’re lifting heavy weights to get bigger muscles or spending hours perfecting your martial arts techniques, success comes from being committed and focused.

So, even though they’re unique in their own ways, bodybuilding and martial arts are both great ways to get fit!

In this post, we’ll look at the differences between these two activities, what it takes to be part of either one, and who the top athletes are.

Which is more difficult: bodybuilding or martial arts?

Trying to figure out if martial arts or bodybuilding is harder is like trying to figure out which ocean has more water – it’s just too hard to tell!

Martial arts might need more physical discipline. It might seem scarier on the day of a fight. However, bodybuilders have to work really hard to get ready for a competition.

It’s not just about lifting weights in the gym. They also have to do tough cardio workouts, follow strict diets, sometimes take medicine, and often give up time with their families. All of these things are part of a successful bodybuilder’s life.

That’s why it’s so hard to compare the difficulty of martial arts and bodybuilding. But one thing’s for sure: both of them need a lot of dedication and passion!

Which is more effective, bodybuilding or martial arts?

People who love fitness often argue about which sport is the best. They might compare powerlifters to strongmen. They might compare Formula 1 racers to NASCAR drivers. Or, they might compare Crossfitters to people who do other kinds of workouts.

But really, the best sport for you depends on your body and what you like to do.

For example, if you naturally have big muscles or always-visible abs, even without working out, then bodybuilding might be a great way for you to get even stronger.

But if you’re more interested in using strategy to win fights, then martial arts might be a better way for you to get stronger and smarter at the same time.

Who Would Win A Fight a bodybuilder or a martial artist?

Jamie Christian and Emmanuel Yarbrough show us that size doesn’t always matter.

Not everyone can be as big as these two champions, but anyone can choose to live a healthy lifestyle like they did. Jamie became a professional bodybuilder while weighing over 300 pounds and being 6’5” tall. Emmanuel became the biggest martial artist ever, standing at 6’8” and weighing 600 pounds.

In a fight between a bodybuilder and a martial artist, the martial artist might win. This is because they know how to use their opponent’s weight against them. But that doesn’t mean we should count out bodybuilders!

Knowing how to train smart can help anyone beat just being strong any day.

Can Bodybuilders Practice Martial Arts?

If you love bodybuilding, you might want to try martial arts too.

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Both are workouts that can help you get stronger and more disciplined. But they’re also different in how they approach exercise.

If you’re a bodybuilder but have never tried martial arts, it could be a cool chance to grow. You can challenge yourself to learn something new and change up your workout routine.

But if you’re just getting started with martial arts, it’s probably best to stick with it and really focus on learning the moves.

Martial Arts

Is Martial Arts Good for Strength?

If you’re looking to build strength, there are few activities better suited than martial arts. Engaging with martial arts helps increase your strength, but it doesn’t just happen overnight.

To keep getting stronger, you have to up the ante. This means additional resistance, longer times under tension, and shorter rest periods.

Over time, your body recognizes the continuous strain. It will no longer produce the same results from earlier training. This is due to the lack of growth-stimulating factors.

It is important to constantly challenge yourself so you can see continued progress in strength!

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Are Bodybuilders or Martial Artists stronger?

Being strong is a big part of being fit. It’s not just about lifting heavy things every now and then.

Real strength means being able to move heavy stuff from one place to another. This takes not only power but also skill.

Martial artists get this. That’s why they use strategy and technique so well.

Bodybuilders, on the other hand, face a different challenge. They train super hard with heavy weights to help their muscles grow.

Some bodybuilders might choose to do more reps with lighter weights instead of focusing on pure strength. But top-level bodybuilders are usually stronger than martial artists. When you compare their strength to their body weight.

It’s really cool to think about physical strength in this way!

Is Powerlifting Beneficial to Martial Arts?

Powerlifting can be a cool extra workout for someone who does martial arts.

Powerlifting isn’t just about lifting weights to make your muscles bigger. It’s about trying to lift heavier and heavier weights in exercises like squats, bench presses, and deadlifts.

If a martial artist pushes themselves to lift heavier weights, they could get stronger and have better control. This could be helpful in fights.

But they need to be careful with what they eat. If they gain too much weight, they might not be able to move as fast or do certain fighting moves.

Deadlifts can be especially good for martial artists. They work out your whole body and can help you throw your opponent around more easily.

Adding powerlifting to your workout routine is one way for a martial artist to get stronger and better at fighting!

Is Weightlifting Beneficial for Martial Arts?

Weightlifting can be a really good workout to add to any exercise routine, especially if you like martial arts.

When we say weightlifting, we’re talking about Olympic weightlifting. This means doing special exercises like the snatch and power clean.

These exercises help you get stronger and faster. They also help control how much weight you gain from other types of weight training.

If you want to challenge yourself and get better at sports, weightlifting is a great choice!

Are Bodybuilders Good at Fighting?

Bodybuilding can be a really cool hobby. If you work hard, you can shape your body however you want.

When you’re bodybuilding, you try to build up your muscles while also making sure your body looks good and balanced. You also try to keep your body fat at 10% or less.

Even though bodybuilding can make you look really strong, it doesn’t mean you’re ready for a fight. If you want to be a good fighter, you need to train in fighting sports like boxing, Muay Thai, and wrestling.

It’s also important to do exercises that help you become more flexible, quick, and agile. These aren’t usually part of a bodybuilder’s workout, so fighters who want to get bigger need to add these if they want to be successful.

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Which Martial Art is the Best Workout?

Martial arts is a fun and challenging activity for people who love to stay fit.

There are four main kinds of martial arts that you can choose from.

You could do Japanese Karate, Chinese Wushu Kung Fu, Korean Taekwondo, or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Each one has its own special way of teaching and skills to learn.

Out of all these styles, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is often thought to be the hardest one to learn.

You have to learn how to do its moves and holds, and keep your balance during matches. To get really good at this style, you need to be determined and keep trying.

Even though a lot of people have tried to learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, only a few have been able to master it. This shows how tough it can be, even for beginners.

Bodybuilding vs Martial Art Training

Bodybuilding and martial arts are two different ways to work out and reach your fitness goals – one focuses on building big muscles, while the other is about overall performance.

Bodybuilding is hard work and focuses on making your muscles bigger and stronger.

Martial arts, though, is more about moving efficiently and not just how you look. It helps you get better at moving your body, learning techniques, becoming more agile, and balancing.

Bodybuilding can get a bit boring and might not help you get better at all parts of fitness. But martial arts has lots of different exercises that can help you become the best athlete you can be.

Both are great ways to get fit, so don’t be scared to try both for the ultimate boost in power!

Which Martial Art Is Best for Bodybuilders?

Bodybuilders are super committed to their sport and their goals – they’ll do whatever it takes to reach them.

Muay Thai, a type of martial arts, is a great workout for bodybuilders no matter how big their muscles are. It’s not just because it can make muscles stronger, but mostly because it’s really good for your heart.

Muay Thai gives you a tough workout that’s really good for your heart, even if you’re really big (like over 300lbs) or use supplements.

If you want a workout that’s really intense and pushes you to your limits, try Muay Thai. You’ll definitely burn a lot of calories!


People have been arguing about whether bodybuilding or martial arts is better for a long time. However, the truth is that both have their own good and bad parts.

If you want to get really strong and big muscles, then bodybuilding is the way to go.

But, if you want a good workout and also learn cool fighting skills, martial arts is great. It can make you faster and more agile.

Whichever one you pick, you need to be dedicated and work hard to reach your fitness goals. So don’t wait – start today and find your inner warrior!

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