what is Boldenone and what does it do?

Boldenone, also known as Enodafen, or enhancer, is a synthetic steroid that is employed in animal medicine, most notably in horses for muscle growth. It was previously used in humans too. It is normally given through an injection into the muscle. The muscle will then synthesize the necessary substances in order to achieve an erection. Although it is a synthetic steroid, it does not contain any calories and it does not produce any harmful side effects.

This substance has been extensively used for various uses. Athletes use it to improve their endurance, and strength as well as increase endurance during physical activity and weight loss. Veterinarians also prescribed it for bovine tuberculosis, hepatitis, and for stimulating bovine fertility. In the pharmaceutical world, however, it is commonly used for treating angina pectoris and edema, particularly in allergic conditions. Recently, it has been used in mass spectrometry applications, in particular for the detection of steroid residues in human urine samples.

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In this paper we present results of a test on four published papers that report on the test results of athletes who used boldenone as a replacement for synthetic steroids during competition. The test showed significant amounts of steroids in the subjects’ urine. These were not in the same order as found in the published paper, but the results certainly are in the same direction. It would be expected that a significant amount of steroids in a human body would be detected, especially considering that the concentrations used here are much higher than the concentration of steroids found in typical human urine samples. This observation, however, does not undermine the validity of the mass spectrometry results as it is established that the levels detected are below the limit for edemas and/or other steps taken to remove some steroids in human urine.

The first group of subjects presented in this paper had tested positive for anabolic steroids, while the second did not. The third group, which had tested positive for two types of anabolic steroids and/or corticosteroids, had negative results. The fourth group, which presented positive results for all four types of anabolic steroids, had no effects in either the urine or blood tests performed. This conclusion is contrary to the claims of the authors of the original study, who had emphasized the positive results obtained from baseball players using boldenone as compared to those obtained from non-athletes.

As noted above, there are potential side effects when using this substance. These side effects were observed in both humans and animals and may vary according to the anabolic steroid dose used and the route of administration. In animals, there was a marked increase in blood pressure, heart rate, and swelling (clot formation) noted after administering a higher dose of a known anabolic steroid. This is consistent with the hypothesis that when androgen receptors become more sensitive to a chemical substance (the anabolic steroids in this case), adverse side effects begin to occur.

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As noted above, in mice, the onset of adverse effects occurred only when androgen receptors became more sensitive. Because of this, the exact mechanism involved in the development of these adverse effects has not been well understood. Boldenone, like many anabolic steroids, acts on the androgen receptor. It binds to this receptor and inhibits the action of the hormone. It has been postulated that the mechanism mediating these androgen receptor negative effects lies in the ability of the compound to form lipids (fatty substances). When boldenone is administered in high doses, it can cause fatty deposits to build up around key body organs, such as the liver, heart, spleen, pancreas, etc., putting the user at risk for liver failure (hepatocellular failure) if they are continuing to abuse the substance.

While some researchers believe that the reason for the increased androgenic activity seen in male mice is due to the fact that the steroid has less binding activity in the androgenic region of the brain than its female counterpart, others have theorized that the increased metabolic rate seen in male mice is caused by androgens. Either way, one must remember that these compounds were not made by nature. They were extracted from human beings. Scientific studies using controlled substance experiments (using animals, rather than humans) have confirmed that these man-made chemicals will cause adverse androgenic effects in certain species of animals, but not in other animals. For this reason, and because of the enormous potential for profit in these types of derivatives, many athletes still seek to use the anabolic steroids despite the potentially harmful side effects.

Boldenone, like many anabolic steroids, was banned by the FDA in 2020. However, it is still widely used by bodybuilders and professional athletes in other sports, such as baseball, football, and basketball. Despite this, it seems that more companies are developing products that mimic boldenone in appearance and composition, thereby encouraging athletes to continue using these products even though they are no longer legal in the United States. This raises questions about the safety of androstenone in light of its potential long-term adverse health effects.

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