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Dbol aromatize vs basic test aromatize  


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21/06/2019 5:35 am  

Ok, this one might be for the vets..
I was always under the impression that I was very gyno prone from testosterone. The more i cycled and the more blood work I've gotten done I've realized that I only need a very low dose of 6.25 mg of aromasin ed to keep my estrogen in the teens so I could still go to eod to keep my estrogen down. What made me think I was always very gyno prone was I ran a cycle of dbol with test and used in AI and I got gyno so bad I had to have surgery since then I've ran cycles without the dbol with just test and have had no problems. What is it about the dbol that makes gyno come so fast does it aromatize differently than normal testosterone?
I plan on staying clear from dbol and anadrol forever due to my fear of gyno returning even after my surgery but I've always wondered. Yes I'm aware I didn't post states but that's because this question doesn't involve me personally. I'm just wondering what it is about the dbol..

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