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Injecting Multiple Compounds  


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20/06/2019 6:59 am  

How do you guys use / mix multiple compounds together for a single injection.

I will be mixing primo 100mg (1.5 ml), primo 250mg (1ml), and test c 250mg (.5 ml).

I will be injecting 800mgs of primo weekly along with 250mgs of test c. I plan to divide this amount into 2 equal weekly injections (6 total mls injected per week).

My thought was to purchase 20ml sterile vials to mix the compounds together in my desire ratios and then draw my combined compounds as needed.

Once I place the three compounds together in 1 vial how do I mix them to know I will have equal distribution when drawing them later? Will I need to heat them or do anything other than shake them up really well?

I appreciate you guys who do multiple compounds sharing your experiences.

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