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Ordering a large batch of raws: How much to order?  


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20/06/2019 8:37 am  

Hello all. I have been homebrewing mainly test for close to 3 years and it has mostly been going well. I am older and had always planned to stay on test for life. The plan was to find a supplier that I trust (I did), and to order a huge batch of raws and have as many years worth of test enth or cyp raws as possible. So I am only asking about testosterone, not huge amounts of other raws.

So give me your opinion on this. Should I favor cyp or enth? Does one store long term better than the other? What are the best long term storage methods? The freezer? The fridge? Etc....

I use a simple number for my estimate of how much test I take a year. I use 500mg a week as my standard dose (even though I do less than that on cruise dosage). This dosage amounts to about 25 grams a year. So 100 grams is 4 years of gear minimum.... I wouldn't mind ordering 500 grams or even more, if it will last that long and still be good.

What is the max amount of test raws you would order? And what esther would you prefer?


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