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HGH Gynecomastia Fact versus Fiction  


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20/06/2019 6:48 am  

What’s up everybody.

I’ll cut right to it. About three years ago I did an HGH cycle to treat chronic pain. Within days I noticed pain in the nipple area which lasted for a few weeks corresponding with unsightly enlargement of the breast. I more or less dealt with it for three years. I took raloxifene for 9 months with little noticeable result. The condition has continued until the present day. This week I went in for a mammogram to get a better understanding of the tissue. Lo and behold, no breast tissue showed up and so I don’t have gynecomastia technically speaking although obvious man boobs that I never dealt with prior to taking HGH.

Maybe the raloxifene absorbed all the breast tissue? In any case, it appears HGH caused in me (and maybe causes in everyone) pseudogynecomastia — enlargement of breasts causes by fat deposits/adipose tissue, NOT necessarily enlargement of the breast gland as people put out as conventional wisdom. I also noticed from myself and others known to have HGH breast enlargement (Alex Rodriguez e.g.) that HGH causes it to enlarge all around the breast not just at the site of the nipple which is where the gland is located, and there appears to be some assymetry as well.

I was considering getting gyno surgery which would have consisted of liposuction and breast tissue excision. Now it appears I won’t need the excision. There are non-surgical methods to treat excess fat deposits all around the body including pseudogynecomastia. CoolSculpting works by freezing fat cells to death and newer Trusculpt works by burning them. I’m considering lipo surgery or the non surgical methods and can update you how this goes for anyone interested.

I am making this post for two reasons, to share my experience which may debunk a lot of the broscientific nonsense surrounding gyno in general and HGH gyno in particular.

I also want to know if anyone else has dealt with gyno (or pseudogyno to be precise) potentially from HGH use and what did and did not work. I have done some research over the last few years and so I can engage with you if you have any ideas.

Let me know!

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