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Concerned about injection site  


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20/06/2019 2:17 pm  

Slightly concerned about some pain in having at an injection site. 

2 days ago I pinned 2ml with 1” 25g into my ventro glute. About 8 hours later I broke into a fever and body aches, felt like the flu and had some stomach pains. The next day the site was extremely painful and 2 days later the pain has not gotten better. The fever broke in the mid morning (about 12 hours after it set in) but still felt sick the rest of the day then I felt fine after that. 

The site is very tender to the touch. Slightly swollen but not bad at all. There is no redness and it is not hot to the touch. 

My gear is good as I use a reputable source. I’m thinking I just hit the spot wrong and coincidentally got a little virus the same day. I am a little concerned about an infection but everything I have learned is it would be red, hot and my fever would still be here if so. However I have never had an infection at the injection site. 

I have had PIP this bad in the past only reason I am concerned this time due to the fever onsetting a few hours after the pin. 

If the fever didn’t break I was planning on seeing a doctor later that day but now jay I feel fine I’m gonna wait to see if the pain subsides in 24 more hours 

just wanted to seek some input on what y’all think based off what symptoms I’m having.

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