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SARMs Female Cycle - Help Needed  


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20/06/2019 7:15 am  

Hi Guys,

Female, 36 years old, 165lb, 22% body fat, lifting for 13 years, eats clean and does everything as should to see results.

Looking to gain more lean muscle and loose fat. I’ve used VAR in the past and will never again. I’ve becoming interested in trying SARMs but want to make sure they are legit and not hormones or fake.

I’m interested in trying Cardarine and Ostarine. I’ve read a typical cycle for woman would be:
Cardarine 10mg am and 10mg pm
Ostarine 12.5mg first two weeks then bump to 25mg

I’m not interested in S4 due to the vision sides.

1) who are the most reputable suppliers that sell the real deal? Everyone says SARM1, are you sure they are legit? I’ll pay for quality, price isn’t an issue.
2) my cycle above, ladies, does that seem right? How long should I do this for?
3) ladies and men that have watched their female friends / lovers cycle with SARMs, what’s the good, the bad, the ugly?

Any information is greatly appreciated!

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