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Super Cutter Pro Hormone Cycle  


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21/06/2019 5:26 am  

I have had rave reviews from people I have had utilize the following stack in lieu of illegal anabolic steroids for the SUPER CUTTER:

4-AD 500 MG spread out over the day Weeks 1-4 (mixed with T Gel)
1 Methyl Test 20 MG ED Weeks 1-4
Liquid Tamixiphen 20 MG ED Post cycle for weeks 1-2

Add in the Liquid clen for cutting starting at 20 MCG day one and increasing the dosage ED by 20 MCG until at 200 MCG, run this for 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off throughout cycle.

The 4 AD will combat some of the sides of the 1 M test such as , specifically, loss of appetite, lethargy, & low libido. However, 1M test is EXTREMELY powerful, and in terms of cutting or producing hard, lean muscle gains it has no equal.

Let's face it for PCT as well. These "herbal" supps just don't work very well and I would be referring to (4-Hydroxyandrostenedione) and saw palmetto.nolva or clomid are leagues above them and if you can buy it legally, why not? No steroid using bodybuilder would ever forgo those drugs in the place 4-h or SPalmetto, so why should a PH user?

This PH Cycle should be run for the first month, then a month off with nolva therapy for 2 weeks, then for the 3rd and final month of the program. clen can be used 2 weeks on and off throughout.