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Proper PCT for after first cycle of Test Cyp for 15 weeks  


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20/06/2019 6:24 am  

So hows everyone? I have a plan here and have done research, but i'd rather have more insight from some of the pro guys on here.
I have 15 weeks of Cyp 
10,000iu of HCG
enough nolva and clomid
Adex as well for my cycle

So my cycle will be 500mg of Test and 500iu of HCG a week for 15 weeks. (pinning Wednesday and Saturday)
Once i run that for 15 weeks, I know to wait about a 2 weeks to start pct, because test cyp is out of your system in 3 weeks.
But I'm wondering if I can run HCG still in PCT along side with Nolva & Clomid even though I'm running during cycle. 
Also would love a good Clomid/Nolva Dosage recommended for the cycle. I've heard 20mg everyday of nolva for 30 days stacked with 50mg of clomid everyday for 30 days.

Again this is my very first cycle. If i can run HCG still in PCT i'll order some more if not i'll just do the Nolva/Clomid only.

Proper dosage of HCG for PCT if able to use in PCT even know i'm running it on cycle. 


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