Trenabol review how does it work and what does it do?

Trenabol Review

Trenabol a powerful, synthetic,anabolic steroid used by bodybuilders to increase muscle mass, increased physical strength and to enhance athletic performance was initially introduced into the market around the 1960s.

Although it is not legally available,  it has  been sold under different names along with false assurances of “no side effects” which, well..ISN’T TRUE.

This article would highlight the actions, mechanism of action and documented ill effects of Trenbolone aka Trenabol

About Trenabol and its History

Trenbolone was initially manufactured  to increase the appetite of animals thereby increasing muscle mass in cattle by Nomme, Bucourt, Mathieu and Velluz. It was not developed for human use,however it was sold in the black market to bodybuilders aiming for quick results.

 Chemically, Trenabol is a derivative of nandrolone categorized under SAS( Synthetic Anabolic Steroids)

Trenabol was used in conjunction with another synthetic substance estradiol, to increase the nutritional efficiency so as to convert the consumed food into muscle mass completely.

It is available as acetate( Finaplix, Tremblona), enanthate esters or hexahydrobenzyl carb( Parabolyl) forms in order to increase the duration of a availability of the drug in the blood stream.

It is taken anywhere from 200 to 1400 mg per week.

 It is  mostly injected into the muscles, but also taken orally thereby increasing the risk over damage.

What does Trenabol do?

Bodybuilders taking anabolic androgenic steroids is common knowledge,  for steroids are one of the fool-proof methods to increase muscle mass. Steroid receptors present in the muscles on administration of steroids bind with it and bring about their increase in size.

Often cited as the “King of steroids ” Trenabol isn’t actually a steroid but rather a Prohormone, it gets converted to steroid in the body after administration. It is believed to be 3 times more potent than Male testosterone.

It brings about the following results:

-Spike in muscle growth

-fuller, more ripped muscles

– burns fat , decreases stored fat levels

– increased physical strength and endurance levels

– decreased water retention

– increase in lean muscular mass

-increased production of red blood cells

How does Trenabol work?

Trenabol works by binding to androgen receptors resulting in a rise in androgenic activity and massive increases in muscle mass.

It binds to the fat cells forcing them to be eliminated from the  body, increasing  the lean body mass by getting rid of the  body fat.

Trenbolone reduces water retention,  that is forced water from outside the cell to within the cells, making muscles look duller and firmer, making them appear more defined and ripped.

Yet another noteworthy action of Trenabol is its inability to convert to estrogen upon binding with androgen receptors. Most anabolic androgenic steroids on adhering to the receptors get converted to estrogen which is why most of them end up with a condition called gynaecomastia- development of breasts. The absence of this side effect is also a reason for the Trenabol’s popularity despite being the source of many other side effects on it’s usage.

Side effects encountered  with Trenabol usage


-oily skin

-increased aggression and irritability


-increased hair growth

-prostate enlargement

-profuse sweating


Increased blood pressure:

The most common side effect as seen with any steroid or analogue administration is increased blood flow and resultant increased blood pressure might even lead to other cardiovascular diseases.

Increased heart rate:

Rapid and increased heart rate may lead to more complications in people with cardiovascular diseases.

Hair loss/Androgenic alopecia:

Diffuse or patchy hairless leading to male type baldness is a common side effect. Receding hairline evidently seen in persons taking this drug.


The ‘Tren Cough’ occurs on injection of Trenabol if it mistakenly enters an artery it may lead to uncontrollable cough at times. It is a temporary side effect,  weanes off after a minute or so.

Insomnia/sleep disorders

Usage of Trenabol has been linked to insomnia, disturbed sleep pattern and difficulty in sleeping.

Erectile dysfunction and reduced prostate size:

Like with any other exogenous administration of steroids there is suppressed levels of natural testosterone leading to a negative feedback mechanism causing dystrophy of the prostates

Increased risk of prostate , brain and lung cancer has also been noted.

Insulin resistance:

It is commonly seen on taking steroids and related  drugs,  which means your body cells develop resistance to insulin produced by the body and leading to associated effects.

Although it has been marketed as a safe steroid and one with lesser negative effects thereby alluring aspiring bodybuilders,  powerlifters and athletes to take up this “safe” yet fast method to get them muscle gains, it does come at a cost. As much as this method may seen relatively safe and much more effective for those looking for a finishing touch to their ripped bodies , the possible side effects does question the need for  such at the cost of one’s health. One can easily tell if someone is using Trenabol by their muscular, dry, lean physique and by the receding hair line.

This ‘flexible steroid’ used both for cutting and bulking by bodybuilders in their steroid mix leads to people over-consuming and abusing the drug.

Our two cents on the use of Trenabol or any other steroid injected merely for muscle bulking needs to be thought over if it is all really worth putting your body through such turmoil.

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