Winstrol review what does it do?

Winstrol Review

Winstrol is the brand name of a group of anabolic androgenic steroids called the stanazolol which is considered a derivative of testosterone.

It was prescribed for the management of hereditary angioedema a potentially fatal condition caused by swelling of face, neck, genitals, abdominal wall.

 It was later popularly used by bodybuilders and athletes for enhanced physique,  improved lean muscular mass, high endurance and lesser body fat, giving them up a perfectly ripped body.

Winstrol benefits on being taken for bodybuilding purposes:

  1. Muscle growth along with muscle strength

While it is common knowledge that anabolic steroids help in increasing the bulk of muscles, it however does not improve the strength of the muscles. Winstrol is advantageous in this aspect as it improves muscle strength along with increasing its size , resulting in fuller, quality muscles.

2.Reduces water retention

One major side effect of using steroids is its water retention properly leading to swollen hands, feet and stomach.Winstrol does not retain water within the muscle cells thereby providing well defined, lean muscles .

3.Does not convert to estrogen

Androgenic steroids on binding with receptors get converted to estrogen initially. This is the reason for the development of tender breasts, gynecomastia seen in males taking steroids. Winstrol does not get converted to estrogen thus reducing these side effects.

4.Toned muscles

Steroids taken by bodybuilders does a miraculous job of increasing the overall bulk and size of the muscle while distorting their shape and form. Winstrol on the other hand produces clear cut, toned and defined muscle groups in the chest, abdomen, deltoid and biceps, triceps region.

It improves muscle appearance without adding bulk.

  1. Steroid stacking

A protein called the SHBG- Sex Hormone Binding Globulin is produced as a reactive element on steroid administration which acts ro neutralize the action of steroids. Winstrol reduced SHBG levels paving way to steroid stacking without having to worry about lowered steroid dosage intake or multiple steroids intake.

  1. Improved endurance

One main requirement for athletes and bodybuilders alike is endurance. Steroids apart from improving muscle bulk are taken for the purpose of improving one’s endurance by providing increased energy levels. Winstrol is said to stimulate the red blood cells which are essential for carrying oxygen molecules to the muscles required for the oxidation and metabolic processes resulting in energy production. Hence sport persons requiring more endurance more energy for a prolonged period of time such as cyclist, marathon runners,  swimmers often take up Winstrol to hike up their endurance meters.

  1. Speed, power and agility

Winstrol boosts up your speed,  power and overall performance by its virtue of increasing your energy levels and muscle strength.

  1. More bioavailability

Winstrol is available for action for a prolonged time due to its increased duration of being present in the  blood stream, increased duration of the drug present in blood equals increased duration the drug is available to exerts its actions.

Along with the above mentioned benefits,  Winstrol also has the added advantage of being available to be taken orally as well as in injectable forms. It also had been shown to have lesser side effects as compared to its counterparts.

When used with a quality diet and a good workout routine, Winstrol can offer some excellent benefits

Possible side effects of Winstrol:

As with any drug, there are the unavoidable cons that come along.


-oily skin




-breast tenderness

-altered sleep pattern


-Persistent penis erection

-excessive facial and body hair growth

-Hair loss/ baldness

-Deepening of voice or hoarseness of voice

Other severe effects seen on overuse of Wisntrol

1.Liver toxicity

The liver plays a major role in drug metabolism and excretion. Liver filters out the toxins in the body. Winstrol taken orally is pretty toxic on the liver,  which long term abuse may lead to liver failure. For this reason Wintsrol is prescribed in small dosages or in combination of other steroids such as Deca.

Even the injectable form of Wisntrol produces a mildly toxic effect on the liver.

If you experience persistent abdominal pain, or problems with digestion, fatigue, dark colored urine after taking Winston make sure to report it to your physician at the earliest.

2.Inflammation of the brain

Although a rare complication,  overdose of Winstrol leads to inflammation of the brain covering layers,  called meningitis which could be fatal. Hence it is important to take Winstrol with caution.

  1. Cardiovascular diseases

Any toxicity to the liver alters the cholesterol levels in the blood, leading to increased risk of occurence of cardiovascular diseases and complications.

4.Joint pain

Winstrol has been linked with severe joint pain due to its synovial fluid destroying property causing inflammation and pain of the joints.

Who should not take Winstrol?

If you have the following conditions then you need a physician’s consultation regarding the dose or alternative drugs:

-Prostate cancer

-Breast cancer


-Previous episodes of heart attacks

-Bleeding and or clotting disorders

-Blood vessel disorders



-Increased cholesterol levels

-Liver disorders

-Kidney disorders

-Patients on anticoagulants

Sometimes one might encounter a severe allergic reaction to the drug characterized by:

– Itching and hives on skin of face

– swelling of arms and legs

– difficulty in breathing

– wheezing

In such cases it is important to seek immediate medical attention.

Winstrol might seem as a safe bet for those starting their bodybuilding or athletic careers but it is always better to start off in the right way with proper dedicated training and adequate nutrition.  Steroids are not the only way to bulk them muscles up to get your dream body. If you’re someone already 9n Winstrol and facing some issues mentioned above it is advisable to consult your physician and withdraw the drug.

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