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    September 24, 2019 at 8:17 pm

    Friend used Omega Meds Anavar, Omega meds primo, and Omega meds EQ
    At 40mg ED of anavar he hardened quickly and had great pumps. His primo and Eq dosages were low but the gains were there . Absolutely no Pip on these oils, dont know about the high dosed NPP they have . All Omega meds codes checked out on their website.
    I myself im certainly using a low dose of Military Winstrol orally and the Test prop by the same brand at a low dose too. Im happy with the Prop as my libido skyrocketed but the Winstrol is too soon to tell.

    July 17, 2019 at 2:55 am

    Review for SIS Test Depot 300 I’m been cruising on past 3 months.

    For time being I’m feeling great. Been on 150mg/w for past 11 weeks now. At beggining thought that would go up to 200 but at this point this is it for me. No need to increase. Feel good, libido is great. Keeps me running and motivated until next cycle. Always loved SIS labs test and other products. Never had I had problems with them.

    Top notch. Easy to order, communication was pleasant and kept to minimum. No problems at all.

    Shipped in 12 days to door step in Europe since the day I submitted the payment. Trackable mail delivery, I could track at anytime when the package will be delivered. Packaging you could not imagine something is inside that should not be there. Regular and indistinct from other mail.

    Regular price. Not expensive, not cheap.

    Additional commentary
    Figuring out next cycle and may need some supplies stacked up soon. So this may be the place to go. Thanks

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