The Pros and Cons of Using Anavar

  • By: Dave Moffat
  • Date: August 11, 2023
The Pros and Cons of Using Anavar

The times have changed. The world of fitness has gone from being a niche sport to something that millions around the globe take part every day, and this trend is not limited by class or location; it doesn’t matter if you’re super muscular like during the pre-1960s era – today countless amounts are trying their best at getting jacked.

What if in 1962, the world of bodybuilding was shaken up by a new drug? One that would become most popularly known as Anavar and not just ‘oxandrolone’.

 It has been scientifically proven that Anavar can help users gain lean body mass and reducing fat at the same time.

 The idea that 20 mg of Anavar per day could lead to muscle mass and fat loss is not new. Studies show this can achieve 6lbs of extra muscle mass over 12 weeks, with 4 pounds coming from unwanted body weight.

 It didn’t take long before users discovered that Anavar was likely responsible for this newfound note mass.

The popularity of the drug grew exponentially and soon enough, it became one many bodybuilder relied on to pack on some serious lean tissues.

 The ban on Anavar had a huge impact on the bodybuilding community, and as such many were no longer able to purchase their favorite steroids.

Anavar Pros

The gain in muscle Size

What are you waiting for? The benefits of taking anavar are still present, but not as pronounced compared to when we take stronger bulking steroids.

 However, many people will take Anavar for gaining weight. This substance can help you pack on some serious muscles without making yourself look like a bodybuilder or steroid user.

Loss Of Fat 

Users of Anavar can lose weight while maintaining muscle, as the drug makes them less catabolic during periods where they are dieting. 

The unique property allows users to build or maintain their lean mass without sacrificing too much fat efficiency and get ready for another round on stage.

Harder to Retain Water 

 The rave for this fat burning, water retention removing drug is Anavar. Not only does it help you lose weight quickly but also boosts your confidence with its ability to make muscles grow bigger and puffiness go away.

As you lose weight, your body will be able to show off its enhanced vascularity. The decrease in fat and water retention has made this possible because now there’s more room for those gorgeous blue veins.

Bigger Muscle Pumps

Anavar is a powerful drug that can produce some of the biggest pumps you’ll ever experience. This occurs due to increased water retention, ATP and glycogen inside muscle.

 The effect of increased muscle fullness, which only lasts during a cycle but can be exciting for bodybuilders constantly looking to appear bigger and fuller.

Promotes Increased Strength

Though not as popular or common in comparison to other anabolic steroids, such a Dianabol and Anadrol nonetheless there are those who use it for weight loss. 

However despite this fact the best strength gaining drug still holds its own against them because of how effective it can be at increasing one’s muscle mass without adding any extra pounds onto their frame which makes you stronger than before.

We all know what happens when people take these fat burning drugs they lose lots upon belly flab but also become much more pumped up with energy.

Anavar Cons

Can Cause High Blood Pressure

Anavar is not good for people with poor cardiovascular health. It can result in an elevation of LDL cholesterol, which will cause blood pressure to rise as well this may be beneficial if you have healthier hearts but it might do more harm than good among others who don’t need the extra stress on their system like that.

While Anavar is not known to cause problems with your heart, it’s still important that you have regular bloodwork done just in case.

This type of medication can sometimes raise blood pressure and this could lead to other health issues like strokes or dementia if left untreated.

Toxic Liver 

The risks of liver toxicity are higher for those who have already strained their livers during a cycle.

 An oral steroid like Anavar needs to pass though the voluminous organ and due this process, there is greater risk in people with damaged or diseased liver.

Roid Rage

Testosterone levels rise significantly during the early stages of a cycle. This can lead to an increase in libido, confidence and gym aggression as well as wellbeing for those who are using it wisely.

However high testosterone might also cause “roid rage” if users aren’t careful about what kind medication they take since some have stronger effects than others do based on how your body reacts to them.

Lower Testosterone Levels

It has been shown that Anavar may cause a temporary higher testosterone levels, but eventually there will be less Testosterone.

The recovery time for this change is months not days or weeks it could take up until years.

When the drug is infused, it will cause a number of side effects to occur. 

For instance, if you were experiencing headaches while on this medication then those same types would now start occurring in reverse order first disappear then show up again later down line followed by others at an entirely different time or even not ever.

May Cause Anxiety and Depression

Taking an Anavar cycle can be really tough on your mental health, especially if you are already sensitive to the side effects of steroids and have had trouble with anxiety or depression in the past. 

When going through post cycle Therapy (PCT), it’s important that one monitors their mood closely because they will most likely experience a comedown soon after stopping use and this could lead them down another path towards Hell until we’ve figure out how these chemicals work inside our brains.

Potential Hair Loss

If you’re looking for something that will increase your chances of growing hair on any part of the scalp, then Anavar is worth checking out. 

There could be side effects like thinning or even losing some hairs in certain areas if someone has an inherited pattern baldness syndrome like male pattern baldness.

Legal Anavar Alternative

Anvarol is the perfect legal alternative to Anavar for fitness enthusiasts looking for maximum performance benefits with minimal risks. 

Unlike other anabolic steroids, this revolutionary supplement from CrazyBulk promotes fast fat loss, boosts energy levels, and retains lean muscle all in one! 

With its convenient post-workout dosing and impressive results, Anvarol should be a staple in any hardcore gym-goer’s regimen. Get the edge that you need and start taking Anvarol today!

Legal Anavar Alternative

Benefits of Anvarol

  • Gives explosive power & strength
  • Incinerate visceral & subcutaneous fat
  • Preserve lean muscle when cutting calories
  • Improved muscle hardness & density
  • A safe and legal alternative to Anavar



The use of Anavar is not without risks to one’s health. It remains important, however, for those who want a cheaper alternative or simply need the benefits that come along with this drug in order make educated decisions about their future usage.

A lot people only attention when there’s something beneficial about it but they’re unaware on how potentially dangerous taking these types drugs can be. 

The use of anabolic steroids has been banned in many countries, including the United States and Canada.

We recommend that athletes and bodybuilders do their research before taking these kinds drugs as it can have serious side effects on your health even if you are using them for short periods at a time under supervision from medical experts or professionals such as trainers who know what they’re doing with regards to fitness programs specifically tailored towards building muscle mass properly without risking any negative impacts whatsoever.

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