Has chyna steroids taken steroids or is she Natural?

  • By: Dave Moffat
  • Date: July 12, 2023
Has chyna steroids taken steroids or is she Natural?

Joanie Laurer, better known by her ring name Chyna, was a force to be reckoned with in the world of professional wrestling. With her striking physique and unmatched strength, she shattered gender norms and redefined what it meant to be a female wrestler.

As “The Ninth Wonder of the World,” Chyna not only competed with but often dominated her male counterparts, earning her a unique and revered place in wrestling history.

However, Chyna’s career was not without controversy. Her rapid physical transformation and unprecedented success in the ring sparked rumors of steroid use. These rumors cast a shadow over her accomplishments and stirred up a whirlwind of debate among fans and critics alike.

In this blog post, we delve into the controversy surrounding Chyna’s possible use of steroids, offering a closer look at the allegations, Chyna’s response, and the impact on her legacy.

II. Chyna’s Career and Physical Transformation

Chyna joined the World Wrestling Federation (WWF, now WWE) in 1997 and quickly rose to prominence. Her unique physique and powerful presence allowed her to compete not just in the women’s division but also against men, breaking barriers and setting records in the process.

She was billed as “The Ninth Wonder of the World” and was a key player in the WWF’s “Attitude Era,” a period known for its edgy content and transformation of wrestling into mainstream entertainment.

During her time in the WWF, she became the first woman to participate in the Royal Rumble and the King of the Ring events. She is also the only woman to have held the WWF Intercontinental Championship, a title she won three times, and she had a reign as the WWF Women’s Champion.

Chyna was also a founding member of D-Generation X, one of the most popular and influential wrestling factions of all time. Her fame grew exponentially as part of this group, further cementing her status as a wrestling icon.

She left the WWF in 2001 and had brief stints in New Japan Pro Wrestling and Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. Despite her departure from mainstream wrestling, Chyna’s impact on the sport was undeniable.

Allegations of Steroid Use

Allegations and rumors surrounding Chyna’s use of steroids started to surface as her physique underwent a significant transformation. Her muscular build, deep voice, and physical prowess in the ring all fueled speculation that she had used performance-enhancing drugs or steroids.

The wrestling industry has long been associated with steroid use, with several high-profile wrestlers admitting to using performance-enhancing drugs to maintain their physique and rigorous performance schedules. This culture further fueled the rumors surrounding Chyna’s potential steroid use.

Chyna’s former boyfriend and fellow wrestler, Sean Waltman, also known as X-Pac, claimed in various interviews that Chyna had used steroids during her time in professional wrestling. However, these claims were not substantiated with concrete evidence and remained allegations.

In her autobiography “If They Only Knew,” Chyna did acknowledge using steroids for a brief period during her training days to gain size. She maintained that she stopped using them once she made it into professional wrestling. She also argued that her physique was primarily due to her intense workout regimen and strict diet.

Despite these denials, the rumors persisted throughout her career and even after she died in 2016. The speculation intensified when her autopsy report revealed that she had several substances, including anabolic steroids, in her system at the time of her death. However, it’s important to note that the presence of these substances does not confirm long-term use or dependency.

Has chyna steroids taken steroids

Impact of Allegations on Chyna’s Career and Reputation

The steroid allegations had a profound impact on Chyna’s career and public image. As her physical transformation became more noticeable, rumors about potential steroid use became more prevalent. This led to increased scrutiny from the media, wrestling fans, and even her peers in the industry.

Despite her many achievements, including becoming the first and only woman to win the WWF Intercontinental Championship and being a pivotal member of the popular D-Generation X faction, the steroid allegations often overshadowed her accomplishments. The controversy surrounding these rumors may have contributed to her departure from WWF in 2001.

Chyna’s public image also took a hit due to these allegations. While she was widely respected for her strength and athleticism, the rumors painted her as someone who might have used illegal substances to gain an unfair advantage. This perception, fair or not, likely affected her marketability and endorsement opportunities.

Moreover, the allegations continued to follow Chyna even after her wrestling career ended. They resurfaced following her untimely death in 2016, when it was revealed that she had several substances, including anabolic steroids, in her system at the time of her death.

However, it’s important to note that despite these allegations, Chyna left a significant legacy in professional wrestling. She’s remembered as a trailblazer who broke gender barriers in the industry, and her influence continues to be felt today. The steroid allegations, while damaging, do not erase her contributions to the sport.


The persistent allegations of steroid use that dogged Chyna’s professional wrestling career overshadowed her groundbreaking accomplishments. From her rapid rise to fame as “The Ninth Wonder of the World” to the controversial rumors that shadowed her legacy, Chyna’s journey was anything but ordinary.

While she admitted to using steroids during her early training days, Chyna firmly maintained that her success in the ring was due to her hard work and dedication, not performance-enhancing drugs. These allegations, however, have undeniably impacted her reputation and public image, casting a shadow over her considerable accomplishments.

Despite these controversies, Chyna’s legacy as a trailblazer in professional wrestling is undeniable. She broke gender barriers in the industry and paved the way for future generations of female wrestlers.

The steroid allegations serve as a reminder of the pressures athletes face in highly competitive fields like professional wrestling, highlighting the need for continued dialogue and reform in the industry.

As we remember Chyna, it’s vital to acknowledge both her achievements and the challenges she faced, offering a nuanced perspective on a truly remarkable career.

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