Is LeanBeefPatty Trans? (Truth Revealed)

  • By: Dave Moffat
  • Date: December 2, 2023
Is LeanBeefPatty Trans?

The name LeanBeefPatty has gained a lot of attention online because it is unique and stands out.

However, alongside her popularity, there has been growing speculation about her gender identity.

Because of some physical traits, people are wondering if LeanBeefPatty might be transgender.

This topic has sparked various discussions, with audiences seeking clarity on the matter.

In this article, we will delve into the rumors, public statements, and overall reactions about LeanBeefPatty’s gender identity.

Who is LeanBeefPatty?

LeanBeefPatty is super popular on the internet, with lots of followers on social media. By mid-2023, she had millions of followers on Instagram and TikTok, and a large group of fans on Reddit.

She’s famous for sharing stuff about fitness. She posts her workouts, tips on what to eat, and other things about her life. On YouTube, she shares more about her journey to get fit. She even has videos like “Full Day of Eating | Lean Muscle Building | Lean Beef Patty,” where she tells us what she eats and how she exercises.

In addition to being fit, LeanBeefPatty enjoys dressing up as different characters, known as cosplay. Many people also follow her for this reason. She’s been in online events and talks, which have made her even more well-known on the internet.

We know that LeanBeefPatty grew up in Los Angeles, California, USA, and people think she was born in 1997.

Even though she’s really famous, she doesn’t share everything about her life. She likes to keep her private life separate from her life as an internet star.

Reasons Why People Believed LeanBeefPatty Is Transgender

Visible ‘Adam’s Apple’

One of the main reasons for the speculation is LeanBeefPatty’s visible ‘Adam’s Apple.’ Although this feature is often linked to men, it can also be found in women, though usually less noticeable.

Muscular Physique

LeanBeefPatty’s muscular physique has also contributed to the rumors about her being transgender. In her fitness videos and photos, her strong muscles, especially her arms and abs, stand out.

These features are for everyone, including cisgender women who enjoy fitness and bodybuilding.

Tagged by a Transgender Woman on Tumblr

A post by a transgender woman tagging LeanBeefPatty on Tumblr added fuel to the speculation. It’s not clear what the tag means, but it has sparked more talk about her gender.

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Sharp Jawline

People have noticed that LeanBeefPatty’s strong jawline might mean she is transgender. Yet, just like the other points, this physical feature can be found among both cisgender and transgender individuals.

While these are the main reasons behind the speculations, it’s important to remember that physical attributes alone cannot definitively determine someone’s gender identity. Gender identity is deeply personal and should be respected based on how individuals identify themselves.

Public Statements

LeanBeefPatty has made public statements about her gender identity, as shown by the search results.

LeanBeefPatty on Instagram added more gender identity designs to her LGBTQ+ Pride Collection. However, this does not necessarily specify her gender identity. Source: Instagram

In a Reddit post, LeanBeefPatty stated, “I am a man, and I love muscular women. If it makes me gay, then I am gay, and I am fine with it.” This statement suggests that she identifies as a man who likes women. It’s unclear if she means it literally or metaphorically. Source: Reddit

A post on iFunny seemingly made by LeanBeefPatty reads, “You mfs were simping this hard over a whole ass man. For those who didn’t know, I’m transgender, so lots of body dysphoria on top of the body.” This statement appears to confirm that she identifies as a transgender man. Source: iFunny

LeanBeefPatty identifies as a transgender man. We should consider the context and authenticity of these statements. We must respect people’s self-identified genders and not assume based on rumors or speculation.

Community and Social Media Reaction

People on social media have had different reactions to LeanBeefPatty’s gender identity, based on the search results.

Reddit: On Reddit, threads have emerged discussing LeanBeefPatty’s gender identity. Some users have shown support, expressing admiration for her fitness journey and cosplay regardless of her gender identity. However, others have shown confusion or skepticism, often rooted in misconceptions or lack of understanding about transgender identities. Source: Reddit

YouTube: On YouTube, some content creators have discussed LeanBeefPatty’s gender identity in their videos. The reactions vary from supportive to critical, reflecting a broad spectrum of public opinion. Source: YouTube

TikTok: On TikTok, where LeanBeefPatty has a large following, reactions have also been mixed. Some of her fans support and admire her, but others are confused or surprised by her gender identity. Source: TikTok

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Queer Media: Queer media outlets have also noted LeanBeefPatty’s presence and her gender identity. These platforms give more understanding and support to LeanBeefPatty’s gender identity. They also acknowledge their identity. Source: Queer Grace

Overall, people in the online community have different views on LeanBeefPatty’s gender identity reveal. They highlight the ongoing discussion about gender identity and the need for respectful conversations.


People have been guessing about LeanBeefPatty’s gender because of how she looks and things she’s said online. But we have to remember, just because people are guessing doesn’t mean they’re right.

LeanBeefPatty has said things that make people think she might be a boy who was born in a girl’s body, which is called being transgender. However, these comments were found on different websites, so we should think about if they’re real or not.

Online users have had varying reactions to the idea that LeanBeefPatty might be transgender. Some have been supportive, while others have not believed it. This shows why it’s important to be understanding and respectful when we talk about someone’s gender.

In the end, while there are things that suggest LeanBeefPatty might be transgender, only she can tell us for sure. It’s really important to respect what someone says their gender is, and not just guess based on rumors or guesses.

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