Is Bobby Lashley On Steroids or Natural? (Natty)

  • By: Dave Moffat
  • Date: December 2, 2023
Is Bobby Lashley On Steroids or Natural?

There is debate about whether Bobby Lashley’s muscles are natural or the result of steroids.

In the world of professional wrestling, this question is often asked. Wrestlers have impressive physical attributes.

We need to discuss factors, evidence, and arguments to determine if Lashley’s physique is from steroids or natural training.

Indications Pointing Towards Bobby Lashley’s Natural Physique

Several factors suggest Bobby Lashley may have achieved his physique through natural means:

Lack of Acne Evidence

One common side effect of steroid use is acne, particularly on the back and shoulders. Lashley, though, doesn’t show any visible signs of this symptom. This suggests he doesn’t use steroids.

Regular Drug Test Records

As a professional wrestler, Lashley is subjected to regular drug testing. His clean records show he hasn’t used any drugs to enhance his performance, like steroids.

Proportional Pectoral Muscles

Steroid users often have larger chest muscles compared to their other muscles. This is because steroids promote muscle growth. Lashley’s pectorals, however, appear proportional to his overall muscular build, suggesting natural development.

Acceptable Levels of Body Fat

Despite his muscular build, Lashley maintains a reasonable level of body fat. Lashley’s low body fat levels suggest he may be a natural bodybuilder, not a steroid user.

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Arguments Suggesting Steroid Use by Bobby Lashley

Some signs show that Bobby Lashley has a natural body, but others say he may use steroids. Here are a few factors often brought up in these discussions:

Signs of HGH Gut

Bodybuilders who take growth hormones or steroids may have a big belly, even if they are not fat. It’s called HGH Gut. Some observers claim to notice this in Lashley.

Exaggerated Shoulder Size

Steroids are known to cause more muscle growth in the shoulders and traps. Lashley’s oversized shoulders have led some to speculate about possible steroid use.

Intense Vascularity

Steroid users often have very visible and prominent veins, which is called extreme vascularity. Some argue that Lashley’s pronounced veins indicate steroid use.

Hair Thinning or Loss

Hair loss is a known side effect of steroid use. Observations of Lashley’s thinning hair have added fuel to the steroid speculation.

These signs could mean steroid use, but they could also be from intense training and genetics. Hence, they should not be taken as definitive proof of steroid use.

Is Bobby Lashley On Steroids

Evaluating the Feasibility of Building a Physique like Bobby Lashley Naturally

Achieving a physique like Bobby Lashley’s naturally may seem like a daunting task. With dedication, healthy eating, and a good training plan, it can be achieved.

Genetics also plays a significant role in determining muscle growth and body composition. The results will be different for each person due to genetics, training, and diet.

Remember, steroids can speed things up, but they have health risks and ethical concerns.


The debate about Bobby Lashley’s body shape is complicated. People wonder if he built it naturally or used steroids. There are signs supporting both claims, but no clear proof has been provided yet.

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We must admire Lashley’s dedication and hard work to maintain his physique, no matter the methods used. Ultimately, only Lashley himself knows the truth about his bodybuilding journey.

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