Has Michael Clarke Duncan Used Steroids?

  • By: Dave Moffat
  • Date: June 7, 2023

The funeral for Michael Clarke Duncan was a fitting end to such an actor. The ceremony had all of the gravitas and size that one would expect from this well known star, who passed away just weeks ago on September 3rd 2012 in Los Angeles California at age 54 years old.

When he towered over most people, they thought that his height was amazing. They also noticed how immense he appeared in The Green Mile movie and felt intimidated by him since then.

If a man has bulging muscles, he might seem impressively big and there is the possibility that some people will suspect him of using steroids. This could also be true if you die suddenly from an unknown heart issue at young age like Zizz did before his death was even officially announced by authorities.

You start a steroid cycle thinking you’ll never do another one. But once the hormones have done their job and your muscles are swelling with power, it becomes hard to think clearly about what comes next whether its Dianabol or Tren & Deca.

After using steroids for a while, you may feel the need to continue taking them. This vicious cycle can lead one into becoming dependent on their drug of choice which in turn leads them towards heavier and more dangerous habits such as post-cycle therapy (PCT).

The use or non-use of certain drugs can have devastating effects on one’s health even when they show no signs whatsoever during their lifetime.

Bodybuilders get hooked on steroids through manipulation and misinformation. They are often seeking an illegal high that will give them something close to perfection, but in reality what they end up with is just more of themselves which can be pretty boring if you ask me.

You may have heard that after you’re done with PCT your body will return to normal, but unfortunately this isn’t true. Even if the process is lengthy and tedious it’s not enough for things just go back as they were before starting treatment there are many side effects which can last a lifetime.

Steroids are a great way to get stronger and faster, but there’s always the risk that you’ll die early from something else.

Is Doubts Whether Michael Clarke Duncan used steroids?

When you think of the Steroid Users, names like LeBron James and Terry Crews come to mind. What about Tom Hardy? He’s also been caught using steroids in recent years.

Michael Clarke Duncan is no stranger when it comes to movies.

Micheal was a large man, who had been overweight all of his life. He weighed around 300 pounds and stood at least 6 feet tall with the extra weight on him that made it difficult for Michael to find clothes long enough or fit comfortably.

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He was especially proud of his performance in The Green Mile, which showed how posing can make all the difference.

The question is – Did Michael Clarke Duncan use steroids for The Green Mile? There’s no way to know, but it makes you wonder right?

Well, let’s find out…


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Has Michael Clark Duncan Used Steroids?

It is true that Michael didn’t admit to using steroids, but many people believed he did.

People are always wondering about the cause of death for Michael Clark Duncan. Some people say that he died because he used steroids, which can damage your heart over time and even lead to an early grave like this man did at a young age.

His heart must have been working hard to keep up with his large frame. At 6’5″ and over 300 pounds, it is obvious that this man has a lot of weight on him so there are no surprises when we find out how much pressure an individual’s cardiovascular system can take before failing them or causing serious problems like stroke complications from high blood pressure (a common cause).

What is it about this man that makes him seem so huge and intimidating? It’s hard to imagine how he could be big without using steroids.

His arms weren’t the only thing that bulged. It’s possible Duncan had used steroids or HGH to achieve his low body fat percentage, but it doesn’t seem likely without any other explanation for how he could grow so quickly while still being so lanky and gangly looking not exactly what one would expect from an experienced user of these substances over time.

Weight Lifting Suspicions

He was a workout junkie with an love for heavy weights and long cardio sessions. He would train for 1 hour in the gym, do some high intensity interval training (HIIT) outside on their own.

Professional bodybuilders know how to push themselves and they also eat a lot of protein. One example is Duncan, who converted from being vegetarian after joining PETA and getting so much nutritional value from his 100% vegan diet.

He might have gotten enough protein from fish and whey.


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So, what do we learn from all of this? That it’s impossible to know for sure whether Duncan ever used steroids or not. The evidence has been destroyed and so the truth is lost forever. This case serves as a reminder that people should be very careful before they make any accusations, because there’s always a chance that the accused might be innocent after all.

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