Is Hugh Jackman natural or on steroids?


The massively popular Wolverine star who has been winning hearts since the 2000s with his debut as Logan in the famous X-men series has been a crowd favorite and idolized by many across all age groups for years now, Hugh Jackman brings to mind a superhuman figure with his ripped, sculpted physique making the younger generation of actors and models run for their money even at the age of 52 years.

Being a superhuman action hero means you need to have the body of one. It is a well-known fact that it takes months and years of hardcore workouts and strict diet to achieve and maintain such a body throughout the years for a character portrayed year after year. It is no joke to maintain one’s body fairly the same for the same character and to be doing it for 17 years! Mr. Jackman sure does deserve all the respect and love for pulling this through like the hero he is.

Hugh’s transformation from his first appearance a Logan in X-men way back in 2000 to The Wolverine in 2016 has definitely been a topic of discussion for the kind of hard work (and/or maybe steroids?) that would have taken for him to attain this physique.

With stardom comes questions and Jackman is no exception. “Is Hugh Jackman a natural or is he on steroids?” is something every viewer has questioned on seeing his unbelievable ripped muscles for Wolverine. Well we’ll see if this article answers the question.


We shall have a quick walk you through the X-men timeline and the corresponding transformation of Hugh Jackman in each

X-men (2000) : Hugh appears as a normal handsome man casted in this adaptation of the famous comic of Stan Lee. He has no muscles to boast of that makes him stand out in the league of superhero actors. Although he doesn’t come off as scrawny precisely, he lacks well-defined muscles and a strong body.

X-2 (2003) : The actor appears to be evidently muscular and bulkier as compared to his previous movie.

X-Men : The Last Stand (2006) : By now Hugh Jackman as the Wolverine with his worked out bulky physique has been welcomes by the fans of the series, with Jackman’s shoulders, biceps, triceps being much more well-defined and beast-like demeanor perfectly reflecting his role of a mutant superhero.

The Wolverine ( 2016) : This was without a doubt Hugh Jackman’s peak of finesse, making the world gush at his perfectly chiseled and cut muscles, almost being a gold standard for superhero bods.

Logan (2017) : Logan being the final installment of the X-men series, Hugh Jackman made sure to not leave any stone unturned, pushing through his fifties with his signature body earning accolades and praise for once again leaving his fans and the rest of the world in awe.

The 17 years of  X-men series featuring Hugh Jackman as Logan has seen the actor transform exponentially staying true to his character giving off heavy man-beast vibes with his spectacular physique. It has been reported that Hugh was trained by David Kingsbury with a strict specific workout routine split into the bulk phase and the cut phase.

During the bulk phase included a low-intensity training along with calculated calories to give Jackman the leanest possible muscle gain with lowest possible fat levels.

During the cut phase Kingsbury included a consistent weight training program, adequate cardio and adjusted caloric intake all the while focusing on minimal fat levels.

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 This regimen was progressively improved starting with heavy low reps followed by higher rep work split into a four week schedule making sure Jackman acquires strength for the higher eps from doing the low reps first and progressively moving on to the heavier ones.

The fruits of all this hard work was noticeable as early as his second X-men film “X-2” with his upper body almost doubling up in size as compared to his previous movie, going from a lean muscular body to fully ripped. His body fat supposedly went down to 4 % between his first and second X-men movies. His classic Wolverine look was indeed the result of years of training leading upto the gold standard that was the shredded Wolverine physique.

Usually there are a few characteristics that are indicative of steroid use, these include but not limited to

1.Veiny, vascularized arms

Hugh’s arms as we’ve seen in his later works seems veiny and vascularized. Although vascularized arms and muscles are typical of steroid usage, it can also be attributed to age-related decrease in thickness of the skin leading to the underlying veins appearing more pronounced.

If Hugh’s arms appeared vascularized within a short period of time one could suspect steroid usage but in his case, veiny arms were seen much later in his career.

We’ve also mentioned how Hugh had decreased his body fat levels to about 4%, lesser the body fat more vascular the muscles appear.

  1. Pink, flushed skin

Flushes skin in the upper half of the body involving the chest and arms is a classic sign of steroid use. Naturals can also develop flushed skin due to increased blood pressure post-work out. Hugh’s flushed skin in Days of Future Past did lead to speculations of a possible Clenbuterol steroid often causative for the flushed appearance in bodybuilders who use this to bulk up their muscles

Reasons to believe Hugh Jackman hasn’t been on steroids

To begin with, Hugh Jackman while being interviewed for the X-Men : The Last Stand (2006) was asked regarding steroid usage and he strongly denied the usage of drugs for his physique.

He had also regularly posted videos of his workouts and has been appreciated by experts in the filed for his dedicated and focused workouts. His body isn’t that shredded to believe he had used steroids, his body can easily be attained by proper workouts, strict diet and some gifted genes.

It is possible that Hugh Jackman might have taken performance enhancing drugs to get that toned, finished look to his shredded physique there is no solid reason to believe that Hugh Jackman has not taking steroids to bulk up his muscles.

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