The “Hidden” Side Effects of using Steroids

  • By: Dave Moffat
  • Date: November 22, 2023

Building muscles of super-human size does not come without a cost.   When it comes to taking Steroids, we want the rewards to outweigh the risks – as long as you don’t push the human body too far, you will usually get more benefits than side-effects.  Unfortunately too many Bodybuilders do take their Steroid use too far and without safeguards, cholesterol levels being the silent killer that haunt the Steroid user daily.

Beyond the well-known physical dangers of steroids like acne and Gynecomastia, there are a several side-effects that aren’t mentioned very often. One is a rise in LDL – the bad cholesterol.  Bad cholesterol levels can contribute to blockages in your arteries, which in turn can cause heart problems and death.

How can this rise in LDL be kept under control while using Steroids?  … Diet will NOT work.  When you use Steroids, diet is not the way to fix LDL, as it won’t matter if you eat foods low in cholesterol because your body will just make this bad cholesterol anyway.   There are always cholesterol lowering drugs you could take, but some may have adverse effects on the liver, which is already under stress from Steroid use.  What some Bodybuilders find extremely effective, is a cocktail of different supplements that have been proven to keep LDL down and HDL at healthy levels.

One such potent ingredient that can help improve cholesterol levels is Beta Glucan.  You won’t see this in too many supplement formulas, but it’s a very potent ingredient for immunomodulation, which basically means to improve the way your immune system works. Beta Glucan  is so effective it is even prescribed to treat diabetes.  Research indicates that Beta Glucan may even activate a number of cells and proteins that fight cancer (such as T-cells and other natural cancer-killer cells). Some tests on animals indicate that Beta Glucan may inhibit the spread of cancer cells.

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beta glucan steroids

Another overlooked substance that lowers cholesterol is apple pectin.  You’ve heard the old adage about an apple a day keeping the doctor away?  Why did apples get that reputation?   It seems people of the past empirically knew that apples were healthy and as it turns out, the pectin from apples has been shown to clear the arterial walls from dangerous plaque.

Apple Pectin and Bet Glucan can both be used together to deliver a one-two punch against bad cholesterol levels during cycle.  But this is not the whole formula, because in order to stop bad cholesterol in its tracks there a third ingredient called Policosanol that is just as important.

A recent discovery, Policosanol reduces the platelet aggregation (i.e., the “stickiness” of platelets, the blood elements that promote blood clotting,).  The effects of Policosanol on cholesterol levels is so profound that some Bodybuilders are using this ingredient as a natural substitute for Lipitor.

If you use steroids, these are just a few of the things you should be taking to keep cholesterol from skyrocketing.  Cholesterol is a silent killer that will slowly rob years away from your life, you can use Steroids and let bad LDL levels slowly kill you, or you can take N2Guard.  It contains a daily dose of each ingredient in a big powerful serving. Why take chances with your health? It takes less than a minute. For just pennies a day you can be on guard against deleterious health concerns. Cycle safely my friends.

Dave Moffat
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