Jessica Andrade on being accused of taking steroids

  • By: Dave Moffat
  • Date: April 2, 2023

In response to accusations of steroid use, Jessica Andrade has offered to take a drug test to prove she has never used performance-enhancing drugs.

UFC president Dana White has weighed in on the situation, and fans have taken to social media to share their thoughts.

Experts are giving their opinions on whether or not Jessica Andrade took steroids, and what this means for her future in the UFC and MMA as a whole.

Jessica Andrade responds to steroid accusations

On July 10, 2018, UFC strawweight Jessica Andrade responded to accusations that she has used performance-enhancing drugs.

Andrade took to social media to post a statement addressing the allegations. In her statement, Andrade emphatically denied ever using steroids and stated that she is “fully compliant with all anti-doping regulations.”

Andrade’s statement comes after she was accused of using steroids by UFC middleweight fighter Krzysztof Jotko.

Jotko made the allegations in a since-deleted Instagram post. Jotko claimed that he had heard from multiple people that Andrade was using steroids and that he was “disgusted” by the possibility of her competing while using performance-enhancing drugs.

Andrade addressed the allegations in her statement, saying that she was “saddened” by them and that they were “completely false.” She also noted that she has never failed a drug test and is always fully compliant with all anti-doping regulations.

The allegations against Andrade come at a time when the UFC is working to crack down on performance-enhancing drug use.

In May, the UFC announced a new policy aimed at deterring athletes from using banned substances.

The policy imposes harsher penalties for violators, including a six-month suspension for first-time offenders and a one-year suspension for second-time offenders.

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Jessica Andrade denies ever using steroids

Andrade has denied these allegations and stated that she has never used performance-enhancing drugs.

Andrade is currently ranked as the number two strawweight fighter in the world, and she is scheduled to face off against Rose Namajunas for the UFC strawweight championship later this year.

If Andrade is found to have used steroids, it could severely impact her career, as she could be facing a lengthy suspension from the UFC.

So far, there has been no evidence to suggest that Andrade has used steroids, and she has vehemently denied any allegations of wrongdoing.

Andrade is one of the most talented fighters in the UFC, and she would not be where she is today if she had cheated by using steroids.

Jessica Andrade offers to take a drug test to prove she’s never used steroids

Andrade has offered to take a drug test to prove that she is clean. Andrade says that she has always been a clean fighter and that she wants to set the example for other young athletes.

She believes that it is important for athletes to be role models for children. Andrade’s offer to take a drug test shows that she is committed to proving her innocence.

It also demonstrates the kind of integrity that is essential for all athletes, especially those who are in the public eye.

UFC president Dana White weighs in on the steroid accusations against Jessica Andrade

UFC president Dana White recently spoke out against the steroid accusations leveled against UFC strawweight champion Jessica Andrade.

In an interview with TMZ, White said that he believes Andrade is a clean fighter and that the allegations are “ridiculous.” White also praised Andrade for her work ethic and said that she is one of the hardest-working athletes in the UFC. 

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What this means for her future in UFC and MMA as a whole

One of the most decorated female UFC fighters in history, Jessica Andrade has proven herself time and time again as a force to be reckoned with inside the Octagon.

At just 28 years of age, Andrade has already held the UFC Strawweight Championship and is currently ranked #2 in the world in her division. She possesses a record of 20-8, with 14 of those wins coming by way of knockout.

Her signature victory came against then-champion Rose Namajunas, whom she defeated via head kick KO to claim the title. Given her dominance in the strawweight division, it’s safe to say that Andrade has a bright future ahead of her in UFC and MMA as a whole.

With her combination of power, agility, and technique, she is a force to be reckoned with and will surely be entertaining fans for many years to come.

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