Is Goody Beats on Steroids or Natural?

  • By: Dave Moffat
  • Date: January 16, 2023

Are you a fan of Goody Beats and his take on Keto and Intermittent Fasting? Then you may be wondering if the impressive results he’s seeing are down to natural means or something stronger.

In this blog post, we’ll examine Goody Beats’ methods in order to look at whether he is truly getting those amazing results through natural techniques, or whether there could be another explanation.

We’ll peek behind the curtain and find out what approach Goody fancies for getting himself into top shape read on to see if all is as it seems!

Who is Goody Beats?

Goody Beats, whose real name is Logan Delgado, is a well-known fitness influencer who is known for his passion for the Keto diet.

His social media presence has been a big part of his success. His Instagram page has more than 100k followers, and his YouTube channel has more than 150k subscribers. On both sites, he gives unique advice and workout tips.

Goody Beats is very popular, but some of the more controversial things he has said have caused people to question his claims because they are not backed up by science.

Nevertheless, he remains one of the most recognizable figures in the fitness industry today.

  • Age: 36
  • Date Of Birth: July 22, 1986
  • Height: NA
  • Weight: NA

Does Goody Beats Take Steroids?

Even though Logan’s body isn’t as impressive as some other bodybuilders’, the way he builds and keeps it up is natural and effective.

By following a targeted ketogenic diet, and supplementing with products that stay faithful to this plan, Logan can maximize his potential as naturally as possible.

Although it can’t be ruled out completely, it’s unlikely that Logan is on any form of testosterone replacement therapy like TRT or HRT, as the chances of it being in small doses are higher due to the lack of anabolic effects typically found in bodybuilding circles.

Is Goody Beats Natural?

People have thought Logan might be using illegal drugs because of how he looks and how much he wants to be the best athlete he can be. However, a close look at his life shows that these rumors are probably not true.

Upon closer inspection, there is little to no evidence that Logan indulges in any type of steroid the common signs associated with steroid use, such as dramatic weight gain or signs of extreme strain on the body, simply aren’t present.

While there is still a chance he could potentially be using substances traditionally used in HRT and TRT treatments, these medical treatments often require medical supervision and are rarely pursued unless necessary, making it unlikely that Logan is using them either.

Legal Steroids Goody Beats Could be on?

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Goody Beats Workout Routine

Monday: Begin your weekly workout routine with a morning jog of 2-3 miles around the neighborhood, followed by 10 minutes of dynamic stretching to loosen your muscles and get your blood flowing.

After that, move on to a strength training circuit focused on building muscular endurance. In this circuit, perform 3 rounds of 8 reps each for shoulder presses, pushups, squat jumps, bicep curls, tricep dips, and lateral lunges. Finish the session with 2 sets of 20 jumping jacks or burpees for an extra metabolic boost.

Tuesday: Start Tuesday with a 30-minute HIIT (high-intensity interval training) session – include exercises such as mountain climbers, jumping jacks, burpees, and skater hops that will have you working hard and burning calories!

After your HIIT workout is complete, spend 15 minutes focusing on core-strengthening exercises like bicycle crunches, planks, and side bends. Finish off with 3 sets of 12 squats to build leg strength.

Wednesday: Wednesday should be dedicated to lower-body strength movements like deadlifts and jump squats. Aim for 4 sets of 8 reps at medium weight loads before moving onto more agility drills like lateral shuffles and box jumps.

Finish up with some stabilization exercises, such as planks and side bridges, to help protect your lower back from strain during the week’s workouts.

Thursday: Thursday is all about balance. Start by doing some basic yoga poses like warrior one and downward dog to help improve posture while also building core muscle strength.

Move on to dynamic stretching moves like arm circles, hip circles, and side lunges to further lengthen the muscles in preparation for plyometric exercises like box jumps or squat jumps (4-5 sets of 10).

End your workout with some mobility work for improved joint health throughout the week’s activities think ankle rolls, hip openers, and shoulder rotations! 

Friday: Spend some time targeting the upper body today begin with 5 sets of 10 pushups followed by 5 sets of 8 lat pulldowns at medium weight loads.

Finish off the upper body portion with 3 sets of 8 bicep curls at high weight loads before moving onto ab exercises like leg raises (5×12) or windmills (3×15). Your last set should include 3 rounds of 30-second planks once you finish these you can call it quits for the day! 

Saturday: Saturdays are all about active recovery get outside and enjoy a leisurely hike or bike ride around town! If you’re feeling up for it afterward you can do some light stretching or foam rolling to flush out any soreness from earlier in the week’s workouts.

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Make sure to take this time as an opportunity to rest up so that your body can recover properly before Sunday’s exercise session! 

Sunday: Don’t forget about legs day! Start Sunday morning by doing 4 sets of 12 squats at medium weight loads followed by walking lunges (3×20 each side) & calf raises (4×15).

Finish up this leg day session with single-leg stability exercises such as single-leg bridges & step ups (2-3 rounds each exercise) to build balance & coordination while strengthening various leg muscles at the same time!

Goody Beats Diet plan

The Goody Beats diet is a great way to stay healthy and lose weight. It is based on the keto philosophy, a low-carbohydrate, high-fat approach that eliminates many sugary foods.

He also encourages intermittent fasting to balance out your meals throughout the day. What’s great about this type of diet is that there is a wide range of foods allowed from eggs and animal proteins to dairy and fish, you can mix it up and keep it interesting.

And for those moments when you need a snack between meals, there are plenty of options for finding the perfect keto snack!

Sample meal plans for Goody Beats Diet Plan could include the following:

Breakfast: Start your day with a keto-friendly breakfast of two eggs cooked in butter with spinach and tomatoes, served with half an avocado. Add some smoked salmon or diced ham for extra protein.

Lunch: Enjoy a hearty lunch of grilled chicken breast served with steamed broccoli, mushrooms, and walnuts. For extra flavor, top it off with some olive oil and lemon juice.

Snack: In between meals, satisfy your cravings with a few macadamia nuts or a handful of mixed berries. To keep things interesting, try adding some Greek yogurt to the mix.

Dinner: Finish your day with a delicious dinner of roasted salmon served on a bed of sautéed zucchini and mushrooms. The healthy fats from the fish, combined with the fiber from the veggies will help keep you full until breakfast!

These are just some examples of what you can eat on the Goody Beats Diet Plan. With a wide variety of flavors and textures available, you can create new meals every day and never get bored! So give it a try and start your journey to better health today.

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