What is synthol? uses, abuse and injection effects!

  • By: Dave Moffat
  • Date: November 22, 2023

Chances are you would’ve come across the term Synthol in social media sites under bodybuilding posts or perhaps you’re a fan of wrestling championships or body building championships or an aspirant of the same you would’ve heard the term Synthol  being used along the lines of “substances “ some of these bodybuilders might have taken (or not).

One of the recent popular performance enhancing drug or rather “oil” in the body building communities happens to be this rather controversial substance called  Synthol.

It is a site enhancement oil comprising of 85% triglycerides (oils), 7.5% lidocaine and 7.5% alcohol

Synthol is used to instantly bulk the muscles, as much as in a few hours even. Quite obviously it is not a very looked upon way of bulking one’s muscles and not to mention how unprofessional it is, belittling those who actually put  their blood, sweat and tears into arriving at their dream body.

Synthol  a site enhancing substance is commonly  injected into muscles such as calves, deltoids, triceps and biceps .

It causes disproportionate growth of muscles, giving a pretty grotesque disfigurement , not exactly esthetic or pleasing to one’s eyes.

Besides being unethical, unaesthetic and unprofessional to the body building community, it also comes with a ton of side effects if used excessively.

The muscle injected typically appears soft , swollen and puffy.

One of the main requisites for a bodybuilder is the presence of symmetrical, properly developed muscles. 

To state an example, one’s chest muscles might be well formed but shoulder muscles may not be upto the rest of the upper body muscles or id in case of  individuals in whom one side of the muscle seems bulkier than the other side then that’s when Synthol comes to play to even out muscles on either side this is where Synthol comes into play causing puffing up of the specific muscle it is injected in

How does synthol work?

Synthol is injected intramuscularly within strands of muscle fibres , where it penetrates the bands of muscles causing them to balloon-up. They are result  in deformed and of unnatural shape.

It is said to have originated from the Italian mainstream steroid Esiclene.

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Esiclene was used to enhance the muscles prior to a competition for instant results.

.Synthol if correctly used in appropriate doses then it barely would be noticed.

Synthol has recntly been wildly popular inthe Latin America regions such as Brazil and Argentina almost becoming a trend on social media.

Synthol is actually available in the market as posing oil but instead it has been misused and injected into muscles.

It merely acts as a filler not as ‘muscle-builder’. The oil takes up space between muscle strands and causes their bulked appearance.

As with any immediate-results drugs, synthol does come with a ton of side effects

-Infection of injected site

Since synthol is taken up by virtue of injecting into muscles, often not under medical supervision, use of contaminated needles or sharing of needles might lead to a nasty staph infection which could lead to septicemia and eventual death.

-Deformed muscles

Uncontrolled synthol injection leads to disproportionately enlarge muscle, making it more of an eye sore.

-Unnatural appearance

This one’s an obvious finding, the muscles enlarged as a result of Synthol look far from natural, one can easily say if they’ve taken Synthol merely by the appearance of the muscles, looks like a water balloon under the skin about to be popped off.

-Nerve damage

Improper, unsupervised injection technique may injure the nerves innervating the muscle leading to permanent nerve damage at times. The oil might be toxic to the nerve membrane as well.

-Increased blood clot formation

Studies have shown that introduction of this oily substance into the blood stream during administration makes the person more susceptible to clot formation


-Pulmonary embolism

Pulmonary embolism refers to the clots developed in the lungs which may give rise to serious complications even fatal at times.

-Myocardial infarction

There has been evidence to support the long term use of Synthol increasing the risk of myocardial infarction which is arises due to decreased blood flow to cardiac muscles and resultant infarction of cardiac muscle.

-Ulceration of skin over site of infection

If a person repeatedly injects at the same site, it leads to ulceration and subsequent infection of the skin.

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As with other performance enhancing drugs which often include steroids, usage of Synthol although it isn’t a steroid is related to repeated usage and subsequent abuse and related complications.

-permanent atrophy of muscles

Injecting Synthol of into your muscles excessively makes it rock hard and results in permanent atrophy of the involved muscles


In severe atrophied muscle cases , amputation was the only treatments to save the rest of the muscle.

These wanna-be Hulks with no intention sweating it out and working it up rather pumping their bodies with chemicals resulting in grave side effects, should maybe consider working for their dream bodies.

More hustle, less drugs!

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