Has Bret Boone taken steroids or is he Natural?

  • By: Dave Moffat
  • Date: July 12, 2023
Has Bret Boone taken steroids or is he Natural?

Bret Boone is a former American professional baseball player, best known for his time as a second baseman in Major League Baseball (MLB). Born into a family with a rich baseball history, Boone made his MLB debut in 1992, following in the footsteps of his father, Bob Boone, and grandfather, Ray Boone.

Throughout his career, Bret Boone played for several teams, including the Seattle Mariners, Cincinnati Reds, Atlanta Braves, San Diego Padres, and Minnesota Twins.

He was a three-time All-Star and four-time Gold Glove winner. Boone is perhaps most remembered for his 2001 season with the Mariners, where he had 37 home runs and led the American League with 141 RBIs, helping the team tie the record for most wins in a single season.

However, Boone’s successful career was not without controversy. The late 1990s and early 2000s, when Boone played, were marked by widespread steroid use in the MLB.

In this era, known as the “Steroid Era,” numerous players were accused of using performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) to boost their abilities. Boone was among those implicated, sparking a controversy that continues to overshadow his accomplishments on the field.

Boone’s Baseball Career

Bret Boone’s career in Major League Baseball spanned across 14 seasons from 1992 to 2005. He began his professional journey with the Seattle Mariners before moving on to play for the Cincinnati Reds, Atlanta Braves, San Diego Padres, and Minnesota Twins.

Boone was known for his exceptional skills as a second baseman, providing both defensive prowess and offensive power. He had a career batting average of .266, hit 252 home runs, and drove in 1,021 runs. His peak performance years were arguably between 2001 and 2003 when he had an impressive run with the Seattle Mariners.

One of Boone’s most memorable moments came in the 2001 season when he helped the Mariners tie the record for most wins in a single season. His performance that year was outstanding, with 37 home runs and leading the American League with 141 RBIs, earning him a spot in the All-Star team and a Gold Glove award.

Another significant highlight of Boone’s career was becoming the first third-generation All-Star in the history of Major League Baseball. This moment solidified the Boone family’s legacy in the sport.

Despite the steroid controversy, Boone’s achievements in baseball cannot be overlooked. He left a mark on the sport and continues to be remembered for his contributions to his teams and the game overall.

Steroid Use in Baseball

The rise of steroid use in baseball during Boone’s active years can be attributed to various factors. The primary reason was the intense competition and the pressure to perform at peak levels consistently.

Steroids, also known as performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs), were viewed as an easy way to gain a competitive edge. They help players to recover faster from injuries, enhance their strength and stamina, and improve their overall performance.

Another contributing factor was the lack of stringent testing policies and regulations during that period. The absence of robust anti-doping measures and the general ignorance or denial about the widespread use of steroids made it easier for players to use PEDs without facing significant repercussions.

The cultural shift towards glorifying power hitters also played a role in promoting steroid use. During Boone’s era, players who could hit home runs were highly valued. This led many players to resort to steroids to enhance their power-hitting capabilities.

The impact of steroid use on baseball has been profound and far-reaching. On one hand, it led to a surge in power-hitting statistics, with players breaking records and delivering thrilling performances. However, it also tarnished the image of the sport, with several high-profile players being implicated in doping scandals.

Public perception of baseball was significantly affected by the steroid era. Fans felt betrayed as their heroes were exposed as cheaters. The integrity of the sport was called into question, and the credibility of the records set during this era was doubted.

Furthermore, the health risks associated with steroid use also came to the fore. Long-term steroid use can lead to severe health problems, including heart disease, liver damage, and mental health issues. This raised concerns about player welfare and ethical issues surrounding the use of PEDs in sports.

The steroid era also led to significant changes in the sport’s governance. It prompted Major League Baseball to adopt stricter anti-doping policies and implement more rigorous testing procedures to curb the use of PEDs. These measures have helped restore some credibility to the sport, but the legacy of the steroid era continues to cast a shadow over baseball.

Allegations Against Boone

The allegations of steroid use against Bret Boone, a former second baseman for the Seattle Mariners, originated from former MLB player Jose Canseco’s tell-all book. In the book, Canseco strongly implies that Boone used steroids in 2001. This claim was backed by noticeable changes in Boone’s physique and performance during that period.

Boone experienced a sudden surge in his performance in the 2001 season, where he hit 37 home runs and had 141 runs batted in, a significant increase from his previous seasons. This dramatic improvement raised eyebrows, and when Canseco’s book came out, it added fuel to the existing speculations.

However, Boone vehemently denied these allegations. He stated categorically that there was “no chance” he was ever tempted to use steroids. He also pointed out that he never played against Canseco during the 2001 season, challenging the authenticity of Canseco’s claims.

Boone’s stance was consistent throughout the controversy. In multiple interviews, he dismissed the allegations as ‘ridiculous’ and maintained his innocence. Despite the public scrutiny and the cloud of suspicion that hung over his career, no concrete evidence has ever been produced to substantiate the allegations against Bret Boone.

Although Boone’s name does appear on some lists of alleged steroid users in baseball history, it’s important to note that these are based on suspicions and allegations rather than confirmed facts. As of today, the steroid use allegations against Boone remain unproven.

In response to the allegations made against him, Bret Boone was vehement in his denial. He categorically stated that he had never used steroids or any other performance-enhancing drugs during his career. Boone was quite vocal about defending his integrity and maintained a firm stance throughout the controversy.

Boone challenged the credibility of Canseco’s claims by highlighting that Canseco had never been his teammate and had no first-hand knowledge about his training regimen or lifestyle. He also pointed out that his performance boost in 2001 was due to hard work, dedication, and a change in his approach to the game rather than the result of steroid use.

Actions taken by Boone to clear his name

In an attempt to clear his name, Boone granted several interviews where he reiterated his denial of the allegations and presented his side of the story. He emphasized his commitment to the sport and his dedication to maintaining a high level of physical fitness through rigorous training and a disciplined lifestyle.

Boone also highlighted his clean record throughout his career. He reminded the public and the media that he had never failed a drug test during his time in Major League Baseball, despite being tested numerous times.

While these actions may not have completely dispelled the cloud of suspicion, they did give Boone a platform to defend himself and express his perspective on the allegations. As of today, without concrete evidence to support the allegations, Boone’s name remains clear in the official records of Major League Baseball.

The Impact on Boone’s Legacy

The allegations of steroid use undoubtedly had a significant impact on Bret Boone’s reputation. Despite his categorical denial and lack of concrete evidence against him, his mere association with steroid use tainted his image in the eyes of many.

Boone had been known for his impressive performances and contributions to the sport. However, after the allegations surfaced, his accomplishments were viewed with skepticism by some fans and critics who questioned the legitimacy of his achievements.

The media played a crucial role in shaping public opinion during this period. The allegations were widely reported, and Boone’s name was often mentioned in discussions about steroid use in baseball. This amplified the negative impact on his reputation, as the constant media attention kept the allegations in the public eye.

Furthermore, the controversy also affected Boone’s relationships within the sport. Some of his peers and colleagues may have distanced themselves due to the controversy, affecting his standing in the baseball community.

However, it’s important to note that many stand by Boone, believing in his innocence due to the lack of conclusive evidence against him. Despite the damage to his reputation, Boone has managed to maintain a level of respect within the sport, mainly attributed to his talent, his steadfast denial of the allegations, and his contributions to baseball.


The issue of steroid use in sports, particularly baseball, has become a contentious topic that continues to spark debate. Allegations of steroid use can severely tarnish an athlete’s legacy, casting a shadow over their accomplishments and undermining their credibility.

However, it is crucial to remember that allegations are just that: allegations. Unless substantiated with concrete evidence, they remain unproven accusations.

In the case of Bret Boone, the allegations have undoubtedly affected his reputation and how some people perceive his career. Yet, without definitive proof, these allegations should not completely define his legacy.

It’s essential to consider Boone’s talent, dedication, and contributions to the sport, which made him one of the most respected second basemen of his generation.

Impressive performances and significant contributions to baseball were hallmarks of Bret Boone’s career. However, the steroid allegations cast a cloud over his achievements. Despite this, Boone has remained steadfast in his denial of the allegations and has managed to maintain respect within the sport.

The controversy surrounding Boone serves as a reminder of the damaging impact of steroid allegations on an athlete’s reputation. It underscores the importance of stringent anti-doping measures and fair play in sports.

As fans and observers, it’s crucial to remember that athletes, like anyone else, are innocent until proven guilty. And in Boone’s case, the allegations remain just that allegations, unsubstantiated by concrete evidence.

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