Has Stefi Cohen Used Steroids or Is She Natural?

  • By: Dave Moffat
  • Date: December 8, 2023

Stefi Cohen is one of the best powerlifters around these days, but she didn’t always think she’d become one.

She used to play soccer and was always a skinny athlete who liked to work out to stay in shape for sports. I’ve looked up to her for years, and it was really cool when she came on the Fit Body series podcast this year.

Watching Stefi change over time has been super interesting. Especially when she started using new ways to train that were really creative.

Lots of people look up to Stefi because of her strong body. But, it’s not really clear if she used any drugs to help her perform better.

Has Stefi Cohen Taken Steroids?

From what I’ve seen and the pictures of Stefi changing from a soccer player to a powerlifter, it looks like she could have gotten that way on her own.

Usually, guys have more muscle than fat, but girls can get really strong and look bigger too. But to do that, they need to eat right and work out a lot.

Stefi is really committed to staying healthy and helping others do the same. She knows a lot about how exercise affects her body because she works out a lot. Plus, she’s super smart – she even studied law to get a doctorate degree!

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Some Fans Think Stefi Has Taken Steroids?

It’s hard to find reliable information on the internet, especially when it comes downing someone you don’t know. People are often eager to share their opinions. However, they can be mistaken and fabricate stories due to online anonymity. 

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I finally found what people have been saying about Stefi that she isn’t natty or has insider knowledge.

There are a few comments that I looked into more and left you to determine if they show signs of steroid use.

Questions About Her Social Media Behavior

Stefi’s YouTube channel is filled with videos of her workouts, weight lifting routines, and powerlifting tips. She also shares things like what she eats when she’s getting ready for a competition on her social media to inspire people everywhere.

Sometimes, people post comments or accusations about her using steroids. They don’t really think about it. Those comments get deleted.

When people think about bodybuilding, they usually only think about the muscles and not about all the hard work that goes into getting them. The person I’m talking about achieved success through immense dedication. She worked tirelessly, both mentally and physically, surpassing most athletes’ training efforts.

Being fit is a big deal. In this case, it looks like she had been working out a lot for a long time and was already in really good shape.

When she decided to change what she ate and how she trained, it didn’t take long before you could see the changes.

If you’re one of those guys who thinks girls can’t get this strong, you should meet some more female bodybuilders who do it naturally.

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So Is It Possible That Stefi Gained Those Muscles Without Using Steroids?

Stefi’s hard work and commitment to staying fit really paid off. She got stronger by following tough workout plans she found online. It usually takes girls longer than guys to reach their fitness goals, but some athletes can go beyond what people think they can do.

Some girls might decide not to compete because they’re willing to give up everything to reach their goal.

Everyone has their own reasons for deciding to do this, but one thing is for sure. These girls are ready to put in the time and effort to have a shot at success.

For an average girl, it all depends on where you start. If you’re already strong and can last a long time in your workouts, then getting bigger muscles will be easier. Plus, eating a lot of carbs and protein can help give you more energy and build muscles faster than ever before.

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