Has JPG Coaching Taken Steroids or Is He Natural?

  • By: Dave Moffat
  • Date: November 20, 2023
JPG Coaching Taken Steroids

There has been much speculation surrounding the use of steroids in coaching, particularly when it comes to JPG Coaching. With his impressive physique and successful coaching services for bodybuilders, questions arise about the possibility of steroid use. However, it is important to approach these claims with caution and consider the available evidence before forming any conclusions.

While some may be quick to assume that JPG Coaching has taken steroids, it is crucial to examine various aspects of his physique to determine the likelihood of steroid use. By analyzing his proportional shoulders, natural-shaped pectorals, lack of HGH gut, reasonable body fat levelsminimal vascularity, and absence of typical steroid side effects, we can gain a better understanding of his training approach and potential use of performance-enhancing substances.

Throughout this article, we will delve into each of these areas, providing an objective analysis of JPG Coaching’s physique and whether there is any compelling evidence to suggest steroid use. It is essential to rely on facts rather than speculation when evaluating an individual’s coaching methods and their impact on athletes.

Join us as we explore the evidence and draw closer to the truth about JPG Coaching’s journey, shedding light on the question of whether he has taken steroids or if he is indeed a natural coach for bodybuilders.

Proportional Shoulders

One of the key indicators of steroid use in coaching is oversized shoulders. However, a close examination of JPG Coaching’s physique reveals that his shoulders appear to be proportional to the rest of his body, suggesting that he may be natural.

Steroids are known to promote muscle growth and can result in an exaggerated development of the deltoid muscles, giving the shoulders a rounded and bulky appearance. This is often seen in bodybuilders who use anabolic steroids to enhance their performance and physique. In contrast, JPG Coaching’s shoulders exhibit a balanced shape that aligns with the natural distribution of muscle mass.

The absence of disproportionately large shoulders in JPG Coaching’s physique is consistent with natural muscle development achieved through consistent training, proper nutrition, and genetic factors. It is important to note that while proportional shoulders do not entirely rule out the possibility of steroid use, they serve as one piece of evidence supporting the notion that JPG Coaching may be natural.

Proportional ShouldersSteroid Indicators
Shoulders in proportion to the rest of the bodyOversized shoulders
Balanced shapeRounded and bulky appearance
Consistent with natural muscle developmentPossible result of steroid use

Natural Shaped Pectorals

Another noteworthy feature of JPG Coaching’s physique that suggests he may be natural is the shape of his pectorals. Anabolic steroid use can sometimes lead to the development of enlarged breast tissue in men, a condition known as gynecomastia. However, upon careful examination of photographs of JPG Coaching, there is no evidence of gynecomastia or any enlargement of his breast tissue.

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The absence of gynecomastia is a strong indication that JPG Coaching may not be using steroids. Natural shaped pectorals typically have a more symmetrical and balanced appearance, and this seems to be the case with JPG Coaching. His chest muscles display a proportionate and well-defined contour that is consistent with a natural physique.

Furthermore, the absence of any visible scarring or implants in the pectoral area also supports the hypothesis that JPG Coaching’s pectorals are indeed natural. Steroid users, particularly those involved in bodybuilding, may resort to surgical procedures to enhance the size and shape of their chest muscles. However, there is no evidence to suggest that JPG Coaching has undergone any such procedures, further reinforcing the notion that his pectorals are natural.

The Natural Shaped Pectorals of JPG Coaching

In conclusion, the absence of gynecomastia, the symmetrical appearance, and the absence of surgical enhancements in the pectoral area all point towards JPG Coaching having natural-shaped pectorals. While further evidence and confirmation from JPG Coaching himself would be required for complete certainty, the existing indications strongly suggest that his physique is the result of natural efforts and dedication to training.

JPG Coaching Steroids

Lack of HGH Gut

One common side effect of using human growth hormone (HGH) in conjunction with steroids is the development of an HGH gut. This refers to the swelling of the organs, particularly the abdomen, giving the appearance of a distended belly. However, when examining photos and videos of JPG Coaching, there is no evidence to suggest that he suffers from this particular side effect.

This lack of an HGH gut could indicate that JPG Coaching may not be using HGH in his coaching practices. Without the presence of an enlarged abdomen, it is less likely that he is utilizing HGH as a performance-enhancing substance. This observation further supports the notion that he may be a natural athlete.

To further analyze this, let’s take a look at the visual evidence below:

HGH Gut Comparison

BodybuilderHGH Gut Appearance
Bodybuilder ASignificant distension of the abdomen
Bodybuilder BNo evidence of an enlarged abdomen
JPG CoachingNo evidence of an enlarged abdomen

In the table above, we can clearly see a comparison between bodybuilder A, who exhibits a significant HGH gut, bodybuilder B, who does not show any signs of an enlarged abdomen, and JPG Coaching, who also lacks this particular feature.

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Based on this analysis and the absence of an HGH gut in JPG Coaching’s physique, it is reasonable to question whether he utilizes HGH in his coaching methods or if he truly relies solely on natural training and nutrition.

Reasonable Body Fat Levels

One of the key indicators of steroid use is the ability to maintain low body fat levels while bulking. Steroids are known to enhance the body’s ability to build muscle mass while simultaneously reducing body fat. However, when looking at JPG Coaching’s physique, it appears that he hovers around 15% body fat, which is relatively high for someone suspected of using steroids.

While there are exceptions, athletes who use steroids tend to showcase extremely low body fat levels, often in the single-digit range. Maintaining a higher body fat percentage can be an indication of a natural approach to bodybuilding and coaching. It suggests that JPG Coaching may rely on traditional training methods and dietary practices to achieve his physique.

It’s important to note that body fat levels can vary depending on individual genetics and other factors, so it’s not definitive proof that JPG Coaching is natural. However, it does raise questions about the likelihood of steroid use in his coaching practices.

In the absence of conclusive evidence, it’s crucial to approach these observations with a level of skepticism. Steroid use in coaching is a contentious issue, and accusations should not be made without concrete evidence. While reasonable body fat levels can be an indicator, further investigation and analysis are necessary to draw conclusions.

Minimal Vascularity

One of the potential signs of steroid use is an increase in vascularity, or the visibility of veins. Steroids can cause veins to become more prominent, even without intense workouts. However, when examining photos of JPG Coaching, it is clear that he has minimal vascularity throughout his body. The only areas where veins are visible are his biceps and forearms, which can be attributed to dedicated training and genetics rather than the use of steroids.

This lack of vascularity suggests that JPG Coaching may not be using steroids. While it is possible for individuals to have varying levels of vascularity naturally, the absence of prominent veins in other areas of his body supports the idea that his physique is a result of natural training methods and genetics rather than performance-enhancing substances.

Furthermore, the benefits of steroids in coaching often include increased muscle mass, strength, and endurance, which can lead to more pronounced vascularity. Since JPG Coaching does not exhibit these characteristics, it further suggests that he may be achieving his physique naturally without the aid of steroids.

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Signs of Steroid UseJPG Coaching
Prominent VeinsMinimal vascularity only in biceps and forearms
Increased Muscle Mass and StrengthNo evidence of excessive muscle mass or extraordinary strength
Enhanced EnduranceNo indications of extraordinary endurance levels

In conclusion, based on the evidence of minimal vascularity and the absence of other signs of steroid use, it is unlikely that JPG Coaching is employing performance-enhancing substances in his coaching. His physique appears to be the result of natural training methods and genetics, reinforcing the notion that he may be achieving his coaching success through dedicated effort and disciplined training rather than the use of steroids.


Based on the available evidence, there is no definitive proof to suggest that JPG Coaching has taken steroids. Various aspects of his physique and overall appearance indicate that he may be a natural athlete. From proportional shoulders to a lack of HGH gut, JPG Coaching showcases features that are consistent with someone who does not use steroids.

One notable observation is his natural-shaped pectorals, which show no signs of gyno or enlarged breast tissue that can result from steroid use. Additionally, his reasonable body fat levels, hovering around 15%, make it unlikely for someone using steroids to maintain such percentages during bulking periods.

Furthermore, minimal vascularity, with veins mainly visible in his biceps and forearms, suggests that JPG Coaching may not be using steroids. While steroids often produce prominent veins even without intense workouts, this is not the case for JPG Coaching.

However, without an official statement from JPG Coaching himself, it is impossible to determine with absolute certainty whether he has used steroids. The information provided serves as a summary of the available evidence and does not establish a definitive conclusion regarding JPG Coaching’s use of steroids in coaching, making it a topic that remains open to interpretation.

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