Has JPG Coaching Taken Steroids or Is He Natural?

  • By: Dave Moffat
  • Date: December 2, 2023
JPG Coaching Taken Steroids

People are curious if JPG Coaching uses steroids due to his impressive physique and thriving bodybuilding coaching career. But it’s important to be careful and look at the facts before jumping to conclusions.

Some people might think that JPG Coaching uses steroids right away, but we need to look closely at his body to see if that’s likely. We can learn a lot by looking at things like his proportionate shoulders, naturally-shaped chest, lack of a big belly from growth hormones, reasonable body fat levels, not too many visible veins, and no signs of common steroid side effects.

We will examine each aspect to understand JPG Coaching’s methods. Additionally, we will consider if he uses performance-enhancing drugs. When we try to understand how a coach trains athletes, we should rely on facts, not guesses.

So come along as we check out the evidence and try to find out more about JPG Coaching’s journey. We’ll try to answer the question of whether he uses steroids or if he’s really a natural coach for bodybuilders.

Proportional Shoulders

A big sign of steroid use in coaching is having really big shoulders. But if you look closely at JPG Coaching’s body, his shoulders seem to match the rest of him, which might mean he’s natural.

Steroids can make your muscles grow bigger and often cause the shoulder muscles to get super big and round. This is something you often see in bodybuilders who use steroids to get better results. But JPG Coaching’s shoulders don’t look like that. They have a balanced shape that fits with how muscles usually grow naturally.

JPG Coaching’s shoulders aren’t extra large. This suggests he built his muscles naturally through regular workouts, eating right, and his own body’s genetics. Having proportionate shoulders doesn’t prove he doesn’t use steroids. However, it does support the idea that JPG Coaching might be natural.

Proportional ShouldersSteroid Indicators
Shoulders in proportion to the rest of the bodyOversized shoulders
Balanced shapeRounded and bulky appearance
Consistent with natural muscle developmentPossible result of steroid use

Natural Shaped Pectorals

Another thing about JPG Coaching’s body that might show he’s natural is the shape of his chest muscles. Sometimes, using steroids can make men’s breast tissue get bigger, a condition called gynecomastia. Pictures of JPG Coaching show no signs of gynecomastia or enlarged breast tissue.

Not having gynecomastia is a good sign that JPG Coaching might not be using steroids. Chest muscles that are naturally shaped usually look more even and balanced, and that seems to be true for JPG Coaching. His chest muscles have a well-defined shape that matches what you’d expect from a natural body.

There are no scars or implants on his chest. This suggests that JPG Coaching’s chest muscles are natural. Steroid users, like bodybuilders, may undergo surgery for larger or reshaped chest muscles. JPG Coaching shows no signs of having any surgeries. This suggests his chest muscles are likely natural.

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The Natural Shaped Pectorals of JPG Coaching

JPG Coaching has natural-shaped pectorals with no gynecomastia or surgical enhancements. The pectoral area looks symmetrical. Further evidence and confirmation from JPG Coaching would be necessary for complete certainty. The current indications strongly suggest his physique is natural. His physique is the result of efforts and dedication to training.

Lack of HGH Gut

Using human growth hormone (HGH) with steroids can cause an HGH gut. The swelling of organs, especially the abdomen, causes a distended belly. When looking at photos and videos of JPG Coaching, no evidence suggests he has this side effect.

This lack of an HGH gut could indicate that JPG Coaching may not be using HGH in his coaching practices. Without the presence of an enlarged abdomen, it is less likely that he is utilizing HGH as a performance-enhancing substance. This observation further supports the notion that he may be a natural athlete.

To further analyze this, let’s take a look at the visual evidence below:

HGH Gut Comparison

BodybuilderHGH Gut Appearance
Bodybuilder ASignificant distension of the abdomen
Bodybuilder BNo evidence of an enlarged abdomen
JPG CoachingNo evidence of an enlarged abdomen

The table above shows a comparison between bodybuilder A and bodybuilder B. Bodybuilder A has a significant HGH gut, while bodybuilder B does not. JPG Coaching also lacks this feature.

Based on this analysis, we question if JPG Coaching uses HGH in coaching. We also wonder if he relies solely on natural training and nutrition.

Reasonable Body Fat Levels

A big sign of steroid use is being able to keep body fat low while building muscle. Steroids can help the body build muscle while also getting rid of fat. But when you look at JPG Coaching’s body, it seems like he has about 15% body fat. That’s pretty high for someone who people think might be using steroids.

Usually, athletes who use steroids have really low body fat, often in the single digits. Having a higher percentage of body fat could mean that JPG Coaching is using normal workout and eating habits to build his body, not steroids.

Everyone’s body fat levels can vary due to genetics and other factors. This doesn’t fully prove that JPG Coaching is natural. But it does make you wonder if he’s really using steroids in his coaching.

Just because we’re looking at these things doesn’t mean we know for sure. Using steroids in coaching is a serious matter. Accusations should require concrete evidence. Having some body fat can provide clues, but more facts are needed before deciding.

Minimal Vascularity

One of the potential signs of steroid use is an increase in vascularity, or the visibility of veins. Steroids can cause veins to become more prominent, even without intense workouts. However, when examining photos of JPG Coaching, it is clear that he has minimal vascularity throughout his body. Veins are visible only on his biceps and forearms. This is because of dedicated training and genetics, not steroids.

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This lack of vascularity suggests that JPG Coaching may not be using steroids. Individuals can naturally have different levels of vascularity. The lack of visible veins elsewhere suggests his physique is natural. It’s a result of genetics and training, not drugs.

Steroids in coaching offer benefits like increased muscle mass, strength, and endurance. These benefits can result in more noticeable vascularity. JPG Coaching lacks these traits. This suggests he may build his physique naturally, without steroids.

Signs of Steroid UseJPG Coaching
Prominent VeinsMinimal vascularity only in biceps and forearms
Increased Muscle Mass and StrengthNo evidence of excessive muscle mass or extraordinary strength
Enhanced EnduranceNo indications of extraordinary endurance levels

Based on the evidence of minimal vascularity, JPG Coaching likely doesn’t use steroids. Other signs of steroid use are also absent in his coaching. His physique is the product of natural training methods and genetics. He achieves coaching success through dedicated effort and disciplined training. He does not achieve coaching success through steroids.


Based on what we can see, there’s no solid proof that JPG Coaching has used steroids. There are a lot of things about his body that make it seem like he might be natural. His shoulders are in proportion to the rest of his body, and he doesn’t have a bloated belly, which are both signs of someone who doesn’t use steroids.

One thing that stands out is his chest muscles, which look natural and don’t show any signs of being bigger than normal, a common side effect of steroid use. Also, his body fat level is around 15%, which is pretty high for someone who might be using steroids to build muscle.

Another thing is that you don’t see a lot of veins on his body, except maybe in his biceps and forearms. This could be another sign that JPG Coaching isn’t using steroids, since steroids often make veins stand out, even without a lot of workout.

But without hearing it from JPG Coaching himself, we can’t know for sure if he’s used steroids. Everything we’re talking about here is just what we can see, and it doesn’t give us a final answer about whether or not JPG Coaching uses steroids in his coaching. So it’s still something we can only guess about.

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