Is Samantha Stosur on Steroids Or Natural?

  • By: Dave Moffat
  • Date: October 19, 2022

Sam Stosur, an Australian tennis player has certainly created some buzz with her muscular physique at this year’s French Open. 

The 30-year old is in good shape as she won the third round match against Monica Niculescu of Romania and people are talking about how ripped her biceps looked from where they were taking pictures for their social media accounts.

Samantha Stosur’s chiseled physique has drawn attention from thousands of people, and the comments all over world. 

Some believe it may be her outfit which is so revealing or maybe because she uses steroids; however you look at these pictures  there are no other explanations for how perfectly toned this woman’s body really is.

Samantha Stosur steroids

When Stosur was asked if she did bicep curls in an interview with ESPN The Magazine, the Australian tennis player revealed that it is not something she does. 

She also pointed out that it’s not just about lifting weights and spending hours at a time working on your arms she gets those defined muscles without doing any exercises for them! 

For example: “She does push presses,” said 2011 US Open winner who elaborated more details of her workout regime which includes other movements like rotations and raises for shoulders as well.

Sam also does boxing sessions and swimming, but her coach David Taylor has been impressed by how much the workout routine changed. But now they’re starting say ‘wow,’ this is what happens in your body when you do what we want for six hours a day”

The Australian Open has always been a dream for Sam Stosur and it was expected that her new fitness routine would help her win the title. 

According to Barsachhi, “They have changed some things but most probably they are spending more time on court than in gyms right now because she started running much faster sessions interval sprints make you leaner.”

When asked about Sam Stosur’s fitness, her coach said that she has been fit throughout all of their years together. He also went on to mention how important agility drills and movement skills are in tennis related workouts for players like Samantha who want more power behind their shots off both wings while maintaining great reflexes with a quick wrist action as well.

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It seems obvious now why one would think this way after seeing what we saw from the Australian athlete during last year’s US open finals against Serena Williams, which ended up being arguably one if not THE most memorable upsets ever seen by fans across America (especially those living near Grant Park). We can see where they’re coming.

“I’m not afraid of anything,” Samantha said. “And this includes having to face up against all those loud stadiums and crowds.” She went on, explaining how she feels that there is no reason why things won’t turn around because everything suits her perfectly at the moment despite being surrounded by noise from other people yelling or rooting for their team too intensely (which does seem like something you could get used).


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Samantha Stosur slams Maria Sharapova’s reduced drug ban

Australian star Samantha Stosur said she was surprised by the decision to reduce Maria Sharapova’s ban for testing positive in what appears an obvious attempt at covering up her use of meldonium.

The 25 year old Russian admitted that she had been taking medications prescribed since 2012, but still managed not only get away with it this long; but also have many ask questions about how these substances could remain undetected even though they are known internationally as P-gp inhibitors which means they would show themselves on tests conducted through WADA’s prohibited list.”

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Five-time grand slam champion Sharapova has had her two year suspension cut to 15 months, making it possible for the tennis star to return in April. The International Tennis Federation banned this Powerful Russian after testing positive at January’s Australian Open and she admitted that meldonium was found on a list of drugs which are prohibited by WADA (World Anti Doping Agency).

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