Has Natasha Aughey taken steroids or is he Natural? (Natty)

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  • Date: December 11, 2023
Has Natasha Aughey taken steroids or is he Natural?

Natasha Aughey, a fitness star from Canada, has made some big moves in the world of bodybuilding. She started her journey in high school with a love for exercises like running and jumping. She ended up becoming a professional bodybuilder, competing in different fitness contests. Her love for fitness also led her to become a personal trainer, showing just how much she’s dedicated to fitness.

Besides her achievements in competitions, Natasha is also famous on social media. She is an Instagram influencer, inspiring many people with her strength and love for fitness. She’s also a representative for Enhanced Human Performance (EHP) Labs.

But, with such an amazing body, people naturally wonder about how she trains. One question that often comes up is whether she got her body naturally or used performance-enhancing substances, like steroids. In this article, we will look into this question about Natasha Aughey.

Is Natasha Aughey Natty?

Natasha Aughey is a widely respected figure in the fitness industry and an inspiration to many. While there have been speculations about her steroid use, no concrete evidence has come to light that proves she has taken any.

She has neither confirmed nor denied steroid use, leaving these rumors to continue circulating. However, an analysis of her physique suggests that she has achieved her impressive results naturally. She did so through hard work, dedication, and a strict diet.

Reasons Why Natasha Aughey Looks Natty

Lack of Facial Hair

One common side effect of steroid use in women is an increase in facial hair due to elevated levels of testosterone. However, in Natasha’s case, there is no visible increase in facial hair, suggesting she may not be using steroids.

Minimal Vascularity

Steroids often result in increased vascularity, giving the user a ‘veiny’ appearance. When looking at Natasha’s physique, we notice that she is defined. Her vascularity is not excessive, which is more consistent with a natural athlete.

Reasonable Body Fat Levels

Steroid use can often lead to extremely low body fat levels, which are difficult to maintain naturally. Natasha maintains a healthy level of body fat, indicative of a balanced diet and regular exercise rather than substance use.

Normal Voice Tone

Anabolic steroids can cause a deepening of the voice in women. However, Natasha’s voice tone remains within the normal range for a woman, further suggesting she might be natural.

Lack of HGH Gut

The use of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) in bodybuilding can lead to a distended abdomen. This is often referred to as ‘HGH gut’. Natasha has a flat and toned midsection. She does not have the HGH gut that some steroid users have.

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Proportional Shoulders

Steroid use often results in disproportionately large shoulders. This happens because this area has a high density of androgen receptors. Natasha, on the other hand, has well-developed but proportional shoulders. Her shoulders align more with natural muscle development.

Natasha’s Bodybuilding Journey

Natasha Aughey, a fitness star from Canada, has wowed people all over the world with her amazing body and dedication to fitness. Her love for bodybuilding started in high school when she fell in love with cardio exercises like running and jumping. This early start in fitness sparked a lifelong love for working out and set her on her career path.

As time went on, Natasha’s workout routine grew to include more than just cardio. She started strength training and bodybuilding exercises. Natasha has over 14 years of experience working out. She has fine-tuned her workout routine to effectively build muscle and reach her physical goals. Her workouts often involve lifting heavy weights, showing off her strength and how committed she is to her fitness.

What Natasha eats is also a big part of her bodybuilding journey. Instead of following strict diet plans, Natasha focuses on eating clean, nutritious foods. She typically eats six meals each day to help her muscles grow and recover. Some of her favorite foods are chicken, rice, and green vegetables, which give her a good balance of protein, carbs, and essential nutrients.

Throughout her fitness journey, Natasha has transformed her body remarkably. She has become famous on the internet and a respected person in the fitness world. She’s known not only for her amazing body but also for her work as a model, social media star, and personal trainer.

Are There Any Physical Indicators of Steroid use?

Anabolic steroids enhance performance and physique. However, they cause physical signs that can indicate their use. Recognizing these signs is key to understanding whether an athlete might be using such substances.

Common Physical Signs of Steroid Use

Common physical signs associated with steroid use include rapid muscle or weight gain. Other signs are acne, facial hair growth in women, premature balding, and stretch marks on the chest. More severe side effects can include stunted growth, injury caused by excessive workouts, and even psychiatric problems. In men, anabolic steroids can lead to reduced sperm count, shrunken testicles, and erectile dysfunction.

Analyzing Natasha’s Physique

In the context of these signs, Natasha Aughey’s physique presents an interesting case. She demonstrates significant muscle mass. Some might see this as a sign of steroid use. However, it’s important to note that her muscle development has been gradual over many years. It aligns more closely with natural progression than the rapid gains often associated with steroid use.

Natasha shows no apparent signs of acne or facial hair growth, both common indicators of steroid use in women. Her skin appears clear in her public appearances and social media posts. This suggests she lacks steroid-related skin conditions.

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Has Natasha Aughey taken steroids

Comparison with Other Athletes

When comparing Natasha Aughey’s physique and performance with other bodybuilders, it’s important to consider both those who have admitted to using steroids and those who are known to be natural.

Comparison with Steroid Users

Bodybuilders who say they’ve used steroids often show certain body changes. These include gaining muscle really fast, having a lot of visible veins, and having very low levels of body fat. They can also have health problems because of using steroids, including a higher chance of dying.

While Natasha does have a great body, she doesn’t show the extreme changes that are often seen in people who use steroids. Her muscles seem to have grown slowly and steadily, she doesn’t have too many visible veins, and she has a healthy amount of body fat.

Comparison with Natural Bodybuilders

Bodybuilders who don’t use steroids get their bodies through tough workouts and a strict diet. They might not have as much muscle as those who use steroids, but their muscles last longer and are sustainable.

When we compare Natasha’s body to these natural bodybuilders, she seems to fit more in this group. Her commitment to eating healthy, exercising regularly, and taking care of her overall health suggests that she builds her body naturally.

So, even though Natasha’s body is amazing, it doesn’t show the extreme changes often seen in people who use steroids. The way she approaches fitness is more like how natural bodybuilders do it, which suggests that she might be a natural athlete.


In our examination of Natasha Aughey’s bodybuilding journey, we’ve considered evidence that might suggest she uses steroids. We’ve also looked at evidence that shows she might not. She doesn’t have the usual body changes seen in people who use steroids, and she’s always committed to living a healthy life. These are big reasons to think she might be a natural athlete.

But, Natasha’s amazing body with lots of muscle might make people wonder if she uses steroids. Some people in bodybuilding do use them. Comparing her to other athletes, both those who say they’ve used steroids and those who are known to be natural, helps us think about this more deeply.

We can only guess whether Natasha uses performance-enhancing substances. There is no clear proof. For example, Natasha has not admitted to using steroids or provided medical test results. But we should always remember that each person’s privacy is important and respect their dedication to the sport.

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