Is Brandon Carter Natural or on Steroids?

Has Brandon Carter Taken Steroids or Is He Natural?

Brandon Carter is one of the most successful natty athletes in history, but he still had his share or unfortunate moments. He claims that after all these years on stage, people often blame him for using steroids when they see how muscular he has become Athlete.

Have you ever wondered if Brandon Carter takes steroids? 

Brandon Carter Brief Overview

Brandon Carter is a certified personal trainer, best-selling author and fitness model from Chicago. He’s also the CEO of his own company which helps people lose weight with exercise or meal plans–he knows what it takes to get results.

Brandon Carter is a fitness model and entrepreneur who has worked with some of the top companies in America including Nike, Puma, Reebok, Just like any other successful person hectic schedule but still found time to build his own personal website where he posts photos related on diet plan or workout routine for those interested individuals looking towards achieving same goals.

Brandon Carter’s Checkered Past and Life Turn Around

When he was younger, his life had been surrounded by controversy as the young man became involved in drug trafficking. He thought this would be an easy way for him earn money quickly but what came next turned out to have much more complicated consequences than anything else could ever offer.

Brandon never felt right about the way he made his money. He would get on these rollers and just deliver drugs, knowing that it hurt people to pieces but not helping anyone in return- until one day when everything changed for him.

The death of his father led Brandon to reevaluate the risks he was taking and leave behind all that drugs had brought him.

Brandon’s life was transformed when he discovered fitness. He soon found that his story and workout plan could help others, so much so in fact it Inspired him to share these insights with all those who needed motivation online through social media channels like Facebook or Twitter.

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Brandon Carter’s Journey to Stardom 

When Brandon found fitness, he couldn’t stop talking about it. He shared his story and workout plan with others online in the hopes that they would be motivated by what happened to him as well.

He used YouTube to share his message of helping others achieve their fitness goals and gaining a muscular body. He learned that it’s important not only make the best out each day, but also accept mistakes so they can be partaken from with pride as well.

Brandon Carter is an inspiring social media celebrity who has helped others achieve great things in their fitness journey. He obtained a large following online, showing that he’s come far since leaving his darkest days behind him.

The desire for a ripped and toned body is so strong that when someone with an amazing personality like Brandon Carter appears, most of the people want to know if his transformation was natural or not.

Is He On Steroids Or Natural?

He never lashes out at those who say that he is on steroids. This strengthens the case for doubt about his drug use, since most users do aggressive battle with their critics online before taking any hits themselves.

Bodybuilders are always on the lookout for new ways to improve their bodies, but when they fail as a result of not taking defense enough then it raises questions.

Brandon has always been a bodybuilding enthusiast and he takes his fitness very seriously. In order to inspire others, Brandon uploaded an YouTube video where he denied using steroids at all! He believes that people should strive for natural bodies without any sort of drug assistance which can be unhealthy in the long run. Rather just eat good foods with plenty vitamins A & C into their diet everyday while working out daily too this way you will have great looking muscles without having anything else added into them besides exercise.

How does Brandon Carter Keep His Body So Lean?

One argument that every person throws out there about Brandon for being on steroids is his lean appearance all year round. But it’s just not true.

If you are looking to stay ripped for an entire year, the best way is by eating maintenance calories. This basically means that it’s important not overdo your food intake and make sure all of our macro nutrients (carbs/proteins) will be met with what we eat everyday without fail.

When you know what to do, staying ripped for longer periods of time is not tough at all. The most difficult part about getting in shape initially however can be challenging and often times forces people into doing something they don’t want or need which results with them gaining weight rapidly – defeating the purpose.


The evidence is clear that Brandon Carter, who has been called a “natural bodybuilder” by many people for his incredible muscles and washboard stomach without taking any steroids at all.

Brandon’s gains timeline is a great example of hard work paying off. He started with high school weights and exercises, but his progress was never sudden or unusual it took time for every inch of muscle to flourish. That said, when we look at photos from 17 year old Brandon as an comparision against today’s image (at age 20), there have been some serious changes in appearance he looks much more developed than before stronger overall.

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