Can RAD 140 Cause Water Retention?

  • By: Dave Moffat
  • Date: August 23, 2023

Is it a legitimate concern that RAD 140 will retain water, or is it not? Find out the truth about bloating during your cycle and whether or not you should really be worried about it by reading this article.

The RAD 140 is without a shadow of a doubt one of the most well-liked small guns currently on the market. Because of its reputation for causing quick gains in muscle mass, it is commonly regarded as a sarm that is used for bulking.

Having said all of this, there has been considerable discussion regarding the classification of RAD 140 as either a “dry” or “moist” sarm.

Many people who are considering using sarms won’t do so because they believe that doing so will cause them to look bloated and puffy during their period.

The question of whether or not RAD 140 induces water retention is going to be investigated in this article. First, we will go over the scientific research, and then we will discuss some actual user experiences.

When On A SARMs cycle What causes water retention?

When talking about anabolic chemicals like steroids or sarms, fluid retention might be produced by one of two factors:

Heavily dependent on aromatization, the transformation of anabolic steroids into estrogen can be seen as one way they contribute to bloating and puffy appearance.

Dianabol is known for converting at a significantly higher rate than other types which results in rapidly elevating levels female sex hormone estrogen.


a greater capacity to store glycogen This effect will be produced by any anabolic steroid, including sarms. Because they have anabolic properties, sarms make it possible for your body to make better use of carbs.

This can make you appear and feel “full” but it is sometimes misinterpreted for bloating or moisture retention since it can cause you to appear and feel “full.”

How To minimize Water Retention Caused By RAD 140

Before making any other adjustments, you should follow my advice and see how your body responds to RAD 140 first. If you experience any kind of bloating, you should think about switching to a diet that is low in salt and dairy products.

This seems to work well for a good number of folks. During my own runs of RAD 140, I had no trouble maintaining a lean body composition and a healthy cardiovascular system, and I anticipate that you will have great results.

More Diuretics Options Available

I’ve seen some folks have a lot of luck with utilizing a gentle diuretic to cut down on the bloating and moisture retention that comes with being on their cycle. Dandelion root is the most common alternative, and you can even find it locally at CVS, drugstore, and even supermarket.

People who aren’t competing or who don’t have to reduce their weight for an event aren’t the kind of people I would give diuretics to.

Instead of taking additional support supplements, it would be much more effective for you to simply switch to a different sarm that does not cause water retention.

Because RAD 140 doesn’t really change to estrogen in the body, it does not induce a buildup of fluid in the body.

However, it will improve your body’s capacity to store glycogen throughout your body, which some people who are not knowledgeable with anabolics may mistake for a rise in water retention due to the body’s power to keep more water.

Both of these are wholly distinct concepts that should not be confused with one another under any circumstances.

Because increased glycogen storage would result in a more pumped up and slightly softer appearance, it is logical that you would prefer to maintain as much dryness and leanness as possible.

Does RAD 140 Convert to Estrogen?

The reason some people say that RAD 140 gave them gyno is because it does not have the ability to aromatize.

In fact, taking this supplement will temporarily lower your estradiol counts and may cause gynecomastia in males who take supplements containing high levels of testosterone.

The sad reality of the sarms industry is that they can’t always be trusted. We suggest only using verified legal sources to make sure you get what’s yours and not fake or mixed substances, so your body stays safe.

Can you Increase Muscle Mass On RAD 140 with out Retaining to Much Water?

I’ve had my fair share of sarms cycles throughout the years, and as a result, I’ve picked up quite a bit of knowledge. In recent times, one of the things that I’ve been concentrating on is recomposition, rather than bulking up or shrinking down.

I use a stacking regimen that consists of bulking agents such as RAD 140 or LGD 4033, with cardarine and SR9009.

This allows my body to burn more fat than it would on its own while also increasing muscle mass at about the same rate when combined with an effective diet plan high in protein content.

Even If i’m trying to ramp up the difficulty, I’ll include an additional fat burning component like a thermogenic or clenbuterol in my routine.


When water retention is increased in the body, it can lead to bloating.

However there’s no evidence that taking rad 140 will have this effect on you and any reported cases of swelling were likely caused by enhanced glycogen storage or counterfeit products instead.

Because it is always necessary to do your research and purchase from a seller with a good reputation, we decided to design the sarms.

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