Is Chris Hemsworth natural or on steroids?

Is Chris Hemsworth natural or on steroids?

The guardian God of Thunder played by the insanely handsome Chris Hemsworth has been an eye-candy to Marvel fans and non-fans alike with his hard, chiseled abs and drool-worthy physique, winning many a hearts across the globe. The 37 year old Hollywood star has been a hot topic of discussion since the 2011 when he was first casted to play Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Chris Hemsworth has previously played the role  of Kim Hyde in the 2004 sit-com Home and Away which ran until 2007, Hemsworth appearing in close to 200 episodes. The young , handsome 20 something Chris was a crowd favourite even back then.

Later he worked in movies such as Cash, A Perfect Getaway, Talk About It, Star-Trek until his big break as Thor in the 2011 film , followed by being a part of the Avenger series and other Marvel Universe films he has been on a massive success streak for 9 years now.

With big breaks comes big questions. Thor’s aka Chris Hemsworth’s physique was a topic of debate as to whether he had used steroids to be jacked for this role back in 2011.

For, there is a definite transformation of Hemsworth from how he looked in Cash to how ripped he appeared in Thor. Was it the result of his workouts plus good genes or was he juicing? We shall look into that in this article.

It has been speculated that Hemsworth gained about 20 pounds of muscles for Thor, were these naturally gained or were steroids of help to achieve muscle mass?

It was assumed by the general audience that he must most probably be on steroids to appear like the Asgardian God that he was with his absolutely perfect shredded body. But this type of generalized opinion often throws under the bus the efforts these stars put into achieving such amazing results. It is definitely wrong to falsely claim that stars who bulk up for movies have definitely got to be under the influence of steroids alone. There are actors who take up some serious efforts in order to get into shape.

In an interview with Men’s Health Chris had said that, “ It wasn’t until Thor that I started lifting weights. It was all pretty new to me.”

This statement of his leads one to believe that his 20 pounds of gain must be a result of newbie gains. Most people gifted with a few good genes and a strict workout and diet regimen can easily achieve the kind of physique Hemsworth sported for his role of Thor in 2011.

His transformation pictures do suggest a gradual increase in size, no massive or sudden gains in muscle mass definitely indicating that his physique was indeed achieved naturally.

It makes sense that his gains from Cash to Thor are natural because he’s only gained 20lbs of muscle.

Experts agree that this is the average amount of lean muscle built when a newbie starts lifting weights.

However, steroid-users typically gain 30-50 pounds in the first 3 months.

Has Chris Hemsworth Taken Steroids For Any Movie Role?

Although Chris Hemsworth appeared pretty jacked and huge for his role in Thor, was he shredded enough to be accused of taking steroids? the answer is no ( at least that’s what we’ve concluded) here’s why:

If Chris indeed was on steroids he would’ve appeared much bulkier that what he is now. Being 6’3” tall , if he took steroids he would’ve easily bulked up close to 250-265 pounds which isn’t the case with Hemsworth who weighs 220 pounds which can be naturally attained without any drugs usage. He is big but not steroid-use level enormous.

There have been incidences where bodybuilders who are barely 6 feet tall weighing around 300 pounds clearly indicating steroid abuse. Steroid users have massive, fuller and bulkier muscles which is not the case with Chris Hemsworth.

chris hemsworth steroids

He had a lean muscular body when he appeared as a ‘surfer-dude, in the soap opera,

But he wasn’t a “bodybuilder’ type of lean. His body typically looked like one who hits the gym regularly, nothing too drastic.

He doesn’t seem to be having super low body fat levels which is usually in the range of 3-6% in, some bodybuilders using steroids. He is estimated to have about 8-10% fat which can comfortably be attained by being a natural.

Absence of “bulk” of muscles

One more aspect to be taken into consideration is the absence of any bulk of muscles in Chris. Bodybuilders on steroids usually have bulked up deltoids, chest muscles and arm muscles. Their upper body appears almost double the size of the lower body. They might also have gynecomastia, which is typical consequence of steroid abuse. The absence of above tell-tale signs of steroids usage point towards Chris Hemsworth being a natty.

No signs of oily skin, acne

Use of androgenic anabolic steroids leads to increased oil secretion in the skin of face and acne break outs, there are no obvious signs of these in Chris.

No flushed skin

A typical indicator of steroid use is reddish appearance of the skin , especially the neck and chest. Steroids cause an increase in blood pressure and temperature thereby causing a flushed appearance. None of Chris Hemsworth’s pictures are particularly flushed-appearing.

If he did in fact use steroids, he likely ran low doses of a weaker steroid such as Winstrol, or Clen to stay lean and to get a toned, finished look perhaps with low dosages of HGH.

To conclude we believe credits to Chris Hemsworth physique and transformation is solely attributed to his hard work alone and not to be linked with any steroids usage.

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