Has Brian Shaw Taken Steroids or Is He natural

  • By: Dave Moffat
  • Date: July 13, 2023

Brian Shaw’s frame is a result of hard work and dedication to his craft.
He might not be as big or strong than other men, but the muscles he does have show that it was worth every ounce of effort in order for him achieve this level success.

The fitness industry is full of people with unnatural looking muscles. I trained many different ones during my career as a trainer, and they were all pretty pumped up about their bodies compared to the average person.

Has Brian Shaw Used Steroids?

Brian Shaw knows that hard work and anti-doping are the keys to success. According him, “It frustrates me because when people see big guys they say it’s all drugs That’s not true at all.” He continued by explaining how he has been training extremely strict since 2011 almost never missing consecutive workouts in five years. With such commitment behind his words there can be no other explanation for why this man is so successful today.

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Possible Signs Brian Shaw Might have Been On Steroids

Strongmen are often subject to testing and scrutiny, but the practice of dope-taking in strongman competitions remains largely hidden. Iceland’s Hafthor Bjornsson admitted that he has taken drugs during his career as a competitor for competition weightlifting.

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The suspected steroids users death of Iceland’s Jon Pall Sigmarsson is just one indicator that Shaw might not be natural.

Massive Physique and Huge Forearm Size

Gunnar Rosbo’s 20-inch forearms are among the best in strongmen history.

An interesting transformation from Shaw over 15 years ago was when he went from being known for his amazing size and power, to becoming one of earth’s most elite flexible athletes thanks largely due to these new found skills that were learned through training with renowned coaches.

Jujimufi, a popular YouTuber and bodybuilder with the world record for largest forearms on YouTube has recorded measurements of Shaw’s 19-5/8 inch bicep. This could be an indicator that he used performance enhancing drugs in order to increase size his arms even more than they already were before.

Incredible Strength of Brian Shaw

Shaw’s home gym is a testament to his incredible strength. He has displayed feats of power that many would think are beyond human, almost superhuman in nature with how easily he can lift weights others cannot even budge.

Strongman Brian Shaw is one of few people to pinch grip and lift York 45lbs plates. He’s also 39 years old, which means that his strength typically plateaus during this time period – but not for long! In 2021 World’s Strongest Man contest he broke the keg toss record with ease (a feat no other competitor has been able).

Given all of his incredible feats and victories, it is possible that Shaw had used PEDs in some non-official competition.

Brian Shaw’s Hair Loss

If you look at photos of Brian Shaw from his basketball days, it’s easy to see that he had more hair on top. As time passed and the sport became more intense for him with heavier weight requirements in certain areas like legs or backside the amount grew less until there was almost no facial coverage left at all.

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Though whether he’s using steroids or just genetics to achieve his muscular frame, it doesn’t seem too hard for him given how much protein production there is in his diet.

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The most telling sign that Brian Shaw might have been using Performance Enhancing Drugs is his hair loss over the years and incredible strength. 

But because he’s one of those loudest anti steroids voices on The Strongman Circuit without any evidence to back it up, proving whether or not this guy’s natural seems impossible.

The best way to get the same results as him would be by using natural supplements formulated with an optimal succession of ingredients that will have exactly what you need in order for it work effectively.

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