What’s going on With Bodybuilding Misc? Has it closed Down?

  • By: Dave Moffat
  • Date: June 2, 2022

The Bodybuilding Misc Forum has been offline for some time now, and it seems that the forum’skers might be back. It appears as if no one knows what happened to cause this sudden deletion; however there are reports from users who say they’ve seen “Misc or Misc Bodybuilding” appear in their list of active forums when checking recently uploaded content before its disappearance without any prior notice whatsoever.

Members of the forum were left feeling confused after reading about what happened in an unrelated post. They want more information on this so that their understanding can be clear, and not feel like anything was missed out or left unspoken of by not knowing beforehand.

Why Did Bodybuilding Misc Forum Get Shutdown?

When the Bodybuilding Misc forum got deleted, it created quite an impact among its members. They wanted to know why this happened and what could be done about it?

The community was shocked by what had happened and many people are wondering how this could’ve been prevented.

Most people were neutral about it, but there was a small minority that felt positively or negatively toward the idea.

Some say that it’s not deleted, but rather private. There are some who say that only paid members can get access now, but I’m not sure if this is true or not.

I don’t know why people are so focused on whether or not a bodybuilding forum exists.. They’re happy to just focus on building their muscles without worrying about what other internet forums say.

It seemed like the mods weren’t interested in what we had to say, but after a while they started listening and even deleting our posts.

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initially, the mods didn’t reply and in some rare cases they even deleted posts from members of that thread.

The official website for the Misc Bodybuilding forum is down. This means that if you haven’t been a member of this site before May 2021, then unfortunately your access to it has been cut off due in part by absolutely anyone who joined after this date was able Enter With Recent Posts Only option under settings on their profile page.

Is Bodybuilding Misc Shut Down?

I can’t help but feel that there’s something going on behind the scenes. The forum members who don’t have access to Misc felt their account got deleted suddenly which is not surprising at all.

Finally, some forum members said that only those with platinum membership can get access to the miscellaneous section.

The members are continuing their discussions on the Teen Misc forum, and it seems that many want to hop onto this new discussion board.

There were a few members who didn’t like the idea that they would be locked out from lurking on Misc Bodybuilding. They said it’s been almost ten years since their last post and claim to have been hiding in shadows, watching as we grow into what you see today.

The mods are getting ready to do whatever it takes so that everyone can access the site again.

The forum is meant for members only so that they can keep out the spam bots.

Hackers have been taking over forums and creating spam bot accounts to spread malware.

This is due to hackers creating acounts to spread spammy links. The practice has become so prevalent that it’s now considered a major inconvenience for those who frequent these sites as well as increasing their security risks.

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The forum needs to stay clean and wholesome for all of its members, so there are mods who keep an eye on the new account creators.

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