Is Albert Pujols on Steroids or Natural?

  • By: Dave Moffat
  • Date: July 10, 2023
Is Albert Pujols on Steroids or Natural?

Albert Pujols is a renowned former professional baseball player, known for his remarkable career in Major League Baseball (MLB).

However, allegations of steroid use have overshadowed his accomplishments.

This article delves into the origin of these allegations, the ensuing legal battle, the role of the media, and the statements made by Pujols’ former trainer.

We aim to provide a comprehensive analysis of the controversy surrounding one of baseball’s greatest players.

Allegations by Jack Clark

Jack Clark, a former St. Louis Cardinals slugger, made headlines when he accused Albert Pujols of using performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs).

On his radio show in August 2013, Clark claimed that Chris Mihlfeld, Pujols’ former trainer, had told him back in 2000 that he had “shot Pujols up” with steroids.

These allegations caught the attention of the public and media, leading to widespread speculation about the validity of Clark’s claims.

Despite the severity of these allegations, they were based on hearsay, as Clark cited conversations with Mihlfeld as his primary source of information.

Legal Conflict and Resolution

Albert Pujols, in response to the allegations made by Jack Clark, decided to take legal action. He filed a defamation lawsuit against Clark for his remarks on the radio show, claiming that they had caused significant damage to his professional and personal reputation.

The media closely followed the litigation process, keeping the general public informed of the developments. The details of the legal arguments and defenses put forth by both parties are worth discussing.

Ultimately, Pujols and Clark managed to resolve their differences outside of court. The specifics of the resolution were not disclosed to the public, but it led to the end of a highly publicized legal battle.

Media Speculation and Response

Following Jack Clark’s public accusations, the media quickly picked up the story, leading to widespread speculation about Pujols’ alleged PED usage. Various news outlets, sports analysts, and reporters weighed in on the issue, with some questioning the credibility of Clark’s claims due to the lack of concrete evidence.

As the lawsuit between Pujols and Clark unfolded, the media continued to follow the story closely. Some outlets focused on the legal aspects, while others explored the potential implications for Pujols’ legacy and the broader issue of PED use in professional sports.

After the undisclosed resolution between Pujols and Clark, media coverage gradually subsided. However, the controversy left a lasting mark on Pujols’ public image, and discussions about his alleged PED use continue to resurface from time to time.

Is Albert Pujols on Steroids

Did Albert Pujols ever use steroids?

The allegations of steroid use by Albert Pujols have been a matter of public controversy. Former St. Louis Cardinals player, Jack Clark, accused Pujols of using performance-enhancing drugs.

However, Pujols has consistently denied these accusations. There has been no conclusive evidence or official statement from MLB confirming that Pujols used steroids.

It’s important to note that an accusation is not proof of guilt, and unless there are concrete facts to substantiate the claims, they remain as allegations.

is Albert Pujols Natural?

Albert Pujols, a retired Dominican-American professional baseball player, has consistently maintained that his remarkable abilities and achievements in Major League Baseball were a product of his natural talent and hard work.

While there have been allegations of performance-enhancing drug use, Pujols has strongly denied these claims.

Regarding the question of whether Pujols is ‘natural’, it should be noted that no concrete evidence or official confirmation of Pujols using performance-enhancing substances has been presented.

Pujols himself has stated that he believes his natural abilities combined with hard work led to his success.

Therefore, based on the available information, one could conclude that Pujols is indeed ‘natural’. However, as with any such issue, opinions may vary depending on individual interpretations of the facts and allegations.

Statements from Pujols’ Former Trainer

Chris Mihlfeld, the former personal trainer for Albert Pujols, has vehemently denied the allegations that he gave Pujols performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs).

Jack Clark was the one who first made these accusations, claiming that Mihlfeld had confessed to him about “shooting up” Pujols with PEDs.

Mihlfeld countered these claims, stating that he has never assisted any athlete in taking illegal or performance-enhancing drugs.

His denial was public and categorical, aiming to quash the rumors surrounding Pujols’ alleged steroid use.

Despite the controversy, Mihlfeld continues to maintain his innocence, and no concrete evidence has been presented to refute his denial.


The controversy surrounding Albert Pujols began when Jack Clark, a former Major League Baseball player, accused Pujols of using performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs). This allegation was based on a supposed conversation with Chris Mihlfeld, Pujols’ former trainer. Pujols responded by filing a defamation lawsuit against Clark, leading to a highly publicized legal battle that ended with an undisclosed resolution.

The media played a significant role in this controversy, with various news outlets speculating about Pujols’ alleged PED usage. The extensive media coverage kept the issue in the public eye, even after the resolution of the lawsuit.

These allegations undoubtedly have an impact on Pujols’ reputation as one of baseball’s greatest players. Despite his extraordinary career achievements, discussions about his alleged PED use often overshadow his accomplishments on the field. However, it’s worth noting that there has been no concrete evidence or official confirmation of Pujols use of PEDs.

Moreover, key figures like Chris Mihlfeld have publicly denied the allegations, further complicating the narrative. Despite the controversy, Pujols maintains a strong fan base and is still widely respected for his contributions to the sport. Yet, the steroid allegations have added a layer of complexity to his legacy, leading to ongoing debates about his career and the broader issue of PED use in professional sports.

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