Best Natural Bodybuilders – Biggest and best

  • By: Dave Moffat
  • Date: September 29, 2022

The natural bodybuilding movement has been in decline for many years, but these athletes are still willing to carry on with the sport.

With so many natural bodybuilders out there, it is hard to single one out as the best. However if you were forced into a rankings list and had only five spots available for your favorite athlete or fitness model; then chances are good that not even half of them would make it to the list.

What’s worse than seeing your favorite bodybuilder fail to make the grade? The answer is simple: nothing. We all know that natural musclemen are often superior in comparison with their counterparts who use drugs or supplements for size enhancement purposes, but this does not seem like an option worth considering nowadays given how strict these laws have become over time.

Much like other sports, bodybuilding has seen an increase in popularity over time. Unlike most of these though, it started out as more than just performance-based exercise instead focusing on how your muscles looked or what they could do for you aesthetically which is why so many people were drawn towards this sport earlier on including myself. But soon enough there was always someone looking to take advantage by using drugs.

 The love and appreciation for natural bodybuilders is universal.

Bodybuilding fans love natural bodybuilders. Even though they may not be as popular like the pro bodybuilders, it’s because these guys push the limits and do things that most people can’t even imagine doing in their wildest dreams.

These people had the courage to go against what society expected of them and pursue their dreams. They carved out a perfect physique without using any gear, because they knew that if you’re going for something original then it needs no help from anyone else. Natural bodybuilders don’t need any machinery or outside assistance in order to  create beautiful bodies just pure hard work with an unmatched passion.

Best Natural Bodybuilders

We all know the internet is a breeding ground for steroid users, but did you also realize that some gyms are? Natural bodybuilders who avoid artificial hormones and other substances found in most conventional supplement programs can be hard to come by these days. That’s why we did some research and found out which natural bodybuilders never use steroids.

Donte Franklin

Donte Franklin Stats

  • Height: 6′ feet (183 cm)
  • Weight: 220 – 230 pounds

Franklin is a genetic freak who grows and improves his physique every year without taking any drugs. He’s been compared to athletes on roids for being so muscular, but don’t let that fool you this kid has got genetics going for him.

Franklin is proof that you can have it all if only give him what he needs to work with. Some critics might even rate him as one of the biggest and best natural bodybuilders ever.

Jeff Seid

Jeff Seid Stats

  • Height: 6′ feet(183 cm)
  • Weight: 205 – 215 pounds
  • Chest: 50 ‘’
  • Waist: 20 pounds
  • Biceps: 17’’

Jeff Seid’s signature V-taper is one of the most noticeable features about him. His broad shoulders and slim waist make it easy for people to see how he takes care in maintaining his body by staying healthy day after day, no matter what challenges life throws at you.

Jeff Seid was 12 years old when he started training for the first time. He wanted to impress girls and get them on board with his idea of being cool, which is why fitness became an important part in what made up “being good” back then – not necessarily doing something because it would improve your life long term or lead a healthier lifestyle.

Jeff Seid’s rise to fame wasn’t easy. He started out as just another kid who loved playing football and had an interest in athletics from his early years, but it wasn’t until high school that he really developed something special-a love for the sport of wrestling which led him on this path towards becoming one if it’s most renowned champions today.

Mike Thurston

Mike Thurston Stats

  • Height: 6′ feet (183 cm)
  • Weight: 205 – 215 pounds

Mike Thurston has a huge following of women on social media, and we’re guessing he gets more attention from the ladies than most guys do. The kind that appears in magazines or shows usually don’t come off as muscular but rather aesthetically pleasing to look at with their perfect bodies in place.

When Mike left high school, it wasn’t just his grades that were good. He also had a passion for sports and played them all throughout grammar class everything from rugby to football or cricket. But by time he got into college focused on one thing only bodybuilding would be an integral part of who Mike became over the next few decades.

Ulisses Jr

Ulisses Jr

Ulisses Jr. Stats

  • Height: 5′10″ feet (178 cm)
  • Weight: 205 – 215 pounds

Ulisses Jr. is one of the most famous natural bodybuilders on Instagram with an incredible chiseled physique and ripped 8 pack abs that make him excel in this industry

As for those who are not familiar with Ulisse’s work, he has been snapped by some lucky individuals across social media websites such as Facebook or Twitter before they were even aware what kind’o stuff was going down. Whether it’s training sessions at home or playing with his kids outside, nothing beats enjoying an outdoor life moment when there are so many opportunities to do just this. Ulisses Jr.’s Instagram feed is one of the most interesting and fun you will find.

Ulisses Jr.’s wins at bodybuilding competitions are unprecedented in the world of online fitness gurus.

Ulisses Jr., a self proclaimed legend himself says that his motivation is to be part of history and have people compare him with the greats.

Paul Krueger 

Paul Krueger 

Just weeks after earning his Pro card, Paul Krueger won the 2021 Natural Olympia. This young and dynamic bodybuilder is quickly becoming one of America’s best athletes in this sport.

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Paul Krueger’s 25 year journey as a bodybuilder is one that most people can only dream of. He has been all over the world, competing in classic tournaments and coming out on top time after again. Hear me out before you write this man off forever: His second most recent show was at INBF Phoenician Classic back in 2021 where he jumped onto stage to claim victory with 16 years between shows.

Krueger knows that bodybuilding isn’t always enough to transform your life and he’s found a way of teaching people how they can make changes in their own lives through natural methods. His YouTube channel has more than 6,000 subscribers who follow him as he shares tips on eating right for muscle gain or losing fat without any equipment needed at all.

Anton Antipov

Anton Antipov Stats

  • Height: 5′10 inches feet (178 cm)
  • Weight: 186 – 193 pounds

Anton Antipov is a fitness model and professional physique competitor from Belarus. He didn’t have access to any gyms back in his home country, so he had only ever worked out on his own when they moved to America- but that all changed after one magical session at the gym in the early 90s.

Anton Antipov is a fitness model and former bodybuilder who has been in shape for most of his life. He won many major IFBB shows, including the Mr exhausted European title back when it was still called “Mr Universe” from 1997-2001! Not only does him model clothes lines but also appears on magazine covers around this time such as Men’s Health or Vanity Fair to name just two examples offhand – talk about recognition credentials.

Derek Joe

Derek Joe, a recent college graduate who had never competed in an amateur bodybuilding event before won the Natural Olympia Men’s Classic Physique Open. He Competed at his first ever Grand Canyon classic last year and took home second place.

Derek’s friends and family were the reason he kept going after getting second place in 2021 Natural Olympia. He almost quit competing because of how discouraging it was, but then these people encouragement made him want more.

Jeff Rodriguez

Jeff Rodriguez Stats

  • Height: 5′9″ ft (175 cm)
  • Weight: 185 – 195 lbs

Jeff Rodriguez is one of the most well-known natural bodybuilders in history, and for good reason. His muscle symmetry (especially his legs), size, and definition are all bang on target with how Frank Zane would have done it during his prime.  Although Jeff started training early than many people know about him today he didn’t become serious until college when nutrition became more important to him as opposed just weightlifting alone.

Jeff’s winning streak was on display from the very first show he competed in. He went onto win many more and mostly place top three overall, though there are ones where he took home victory by storm.

Ron Williams

Ron Williams is a natural bodybuilder who has an impressive resume of winning 250 competitions and titles. He was the first person to win Mr Natural World, Mr Olympia, and Universe all in one year.

It’s hard to believe that anyone could be better than the great natural bodybuilders of today. But if you ask us, there is no doubt about it; this man would make number 2 on our list. Ron is one of the most successful bodybuilding coaches to have ever lived, with several decades worth experience under his belt. He retired from competing but not without building an extensive network that extends all across America and even into other countries like Germany. You can find this man working as either a life or fitness coach teaching people about physiology including how it pertains specifically toward diet & nutrition advice which he knows firsthand offering fat loss tips for those looking at dropping some pounds or both if need be and lastly serving God’s flock by being.

Ryan Terry

Ryan Terry

Ryan Terry Stats

  • Height: 5′11 inches feet (178 cm)
  • Weight: 185 – 195 pounds

Ryan Terry is one of the most shredded males on this list. His abs have a cult following all their own, and you can find him featured in many magazines across America. He’s won so many competitions that it would take us hours just to count them up.

Ryan has been pursuing an international modeling career since he was 21 years old. He won the Mr Great Britain pageant, then went on to win his first major title – representing United Kingdom in Indonesia at 22.

Meshack Ochieng

Meshack Ochieng Stats

  • Height: 5′2 inches feet (157 cm)
  • Weight: 170 – 185 pounds

When you first see Meshack Ochieng, it is hard to believe that this man could be the natural successor of Ronnie Coleman. After all he looks too healthy and fit! But as soon as they start talking about their fitness routines or what it takes for an athlete like themselves in order achieve success with bodybuilding. There’s no doubt anymore how amazing he is.

His workouts are so intense, they’re almost too perfect. The man has won every competition he’s taken part in and his training is just as effective – if not more- than any other competitor’s.

He was born in Kenya with nothing but stone dumbbells to work out on but still managed get up onto the stage where only few were able before him? He started competing soon after which gave way for an amazing career full victory charges all around because this guy knows what it’s like to be content.

Meshack is a natural athlete who competes in both INBA and NANBF (100% natty federations). He needs to be careful when it comes down his tests because these organizations conduct random inspections throughout the year for any suspicious signs of drug abuse.

Sadik Hadzovic

Sadik Hadzovic Stats

  • Height: 5′ 11 inches feet (180 cm)
  • Weight: 190 – 210 pounds
  • Chest: 46’’
  • Waist: 30’’
  • Biceps: 18’’

Sadik Hadzovic is one of the most famous natural bodybuilders in history. He grew up without much, living through war-torn countries like Bosnia where he idolized comic book heroes and wanted to create a physique just more powerful on Earth than it would be if you were wearing spandex or leather clothing while lifting weights inside an athletes’ circle something that could withstand anything life might throw its way.

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If you are looking to make a name for yourself in the competitive world of bodybuilding, look no further than Sadik Hadzovic. The talented athlete has impressed audiences both online and on stage with his amazing physique which is versatile enough that it can be seen at multiple levels including Men’s Physique or Classic Physique divisions.

Brandon Lirio

Brandon Lirio is an inspiration not just for his success on the court, but also because of how he overcame mental health issues.

After joining military in 2006 and getting diagnosed with anxiety disorder Brandon turned to weightlifting as therapy eventually becoming one three time Mr Natural Olympia champion among other things.

Rob Riches

Rob Riches Stats

  • Height: 5′10 inches  (178 cm)
  • Weight: 185 – 195 pounds
  • Chest: 41’’
  • Waist: 31’’
  • Biceps: 16.5’’

Rob Riches’ body is the result of years’ worth dedication to fitness and healthy eating. His hard work has given him an incredible frame that would make even Captain America grin with envy.

When Rob was 15, he had the idea to build himself up after recovering from a fracture. His inspiration came when his mountain biking injury at that age left him with no choice but to continue working out and strengthening whatever parts were broken on this body of his.

Rob is a power athlete who has never had an issue with steroids. He’s competed in competitions like the BNBF, Musclemania and UKBFF (all legit natty ones) while maintaining his muscular frame without taking performance enhancing drugs.

Simeon Panda

Simeon Panda Stats

  • Height: 6’ feet (185 cm)
  • Weight: 225 – 235 pounds
  • Chest:50’’
  • Waist: 30’’
  • Biceps: 20’’

Simeon Panda is one of the most famous natural fitness influencers in history. With over 7 million followers on Instagram, he has been named by Forbes as well for his achievements with physical transformation.

In college, Panda met a friend who was muscular and in great shape. This sparked his interest for the first time since starting to train at age 16 as he wanted what this individual had achieved with such little effort on their part. Focusing more heavily than ever before, he soon found out that it wasn’t just genetics or hard work alone; there’s also something called “exercise tolerance” which means how much physical activity one can handle without becoming exhausted.

His muscular frame is a treat to watch for bodybuilders and power lifters alike. His deadlift videos will show you how strong he really is, as well as the other exercises that make up his workout regimen like squats or presses.

Lazar Angelov

Lazar Angelov

Lazar Angelov Stats

  • Height: 5′ 11″ feet (180 cm)
  • Weight: 195 – 205 pounds
  • Chest: 50’’
  • Waist: 32.5’’
  • Biceps: 17’’

Lazar Angelov is a natural bodybuilding legend. He was once an athlete in basketball, but it’s clear that his experience with military service has helped shape who he became as one of history’s finest athletes today. In wartime there are always stories hidden beneath the surface this instance proves to be no different when looking at Lazars’ past which could quite possibly explain how he achieved such success.

He’s a fitness model with an incredible ripped physique and stunning looks. He must be popular among the people in gyms because he has many posters of himself throughout these areas, which proves how successful this man truly is.

Mike O’Hearn

Mike O’Hearn

Mike O’Hearn Stats

  • Height: 6′ 3 inches feet (190 cm)
  • Weight: 245 – 255 pounds
  • Chest: 46’’
  • Waist: 34’’
  • Biceps: 21’’

With his chiseled body, dark skin and strong muscles Mike O’Hearn is without a doubt the most attractive natural athlete in history. He has been competing for decades now but still manages to stay at top form. He’s known as much for his workouts which push the limits on what can be achieved with weights or dieting alone in order to achieve those iconic muscular Physiques we know so well from movie posters past glory days.

He has been called a natty, but no one can ever prove he was using steroids. And his lack of failure in drug tests shows that it’s most likely not true either.

The point here is we don’t know for sure if O’Hearn cheated or didn’t because there are so many articles online speculating about whether the man got dirty secrets from another athlete who wanted to succeed without any hard work whatsoever.


If you’re looking to get in shape and increase your size, then this is the best list for beginners

The only thing that stands between you and a ripped body like the pros is your dedication, discipline, determination & patience. So stop trying to be friends with Chemist around town because they don’t have all of these qualities either.

  With proper training programs in place, along with dietary guidance from nutritionists or dietitians if needed, natural gainers can get just as huge if not bigger than active professionals who use supplements or steroids .

It doesn’t take magic bullets.  It takes hard work on our end.

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