Ostarine PCT – Is It Needed?

  • By: Dave Moffat
  • Date: July 10, 2023

Now that you’ve completed your Ostarine cycle and achieved some success with it, it’s time to taper off. Not sure how to do it? This instruction manual is for you.

If you have been considering the possibility of engaging in fitness, you have probably been familiar with the practice of using anabolic steroids. To be fair, that was a very long time ago. There are now safer options available to the anabolic steroids that many personal trainers recommend to their clients.

These options are known as selective androgen receptor modulators, or SARMs, and they assist in the development of muscle growth, the reduction of fat, and the improvement of physical performance. However, there still is significant controversy over the use of SARMs like ostarine in weightlifting and whether or not they are beneficial.

This is due to the fact that certain chemicals were proven to cause cancer in rats and mice while being tested in clinical settings. Those who support the use of SARMs, on the other hand, claim that this was the result of administering extremely high doses to the test animals over an agonizing extended time.

It is presently employed as a research substance to examine the therapeutic influence it has on cancer patients to help people avoid losing their muscle mass and to speed up the mending of broken bones.

Ostarine Overview

Similar to other selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs), ostarine is also known by the names enobosarm and MK2866. It does this by activating a group of proteins in the body known as androgen receptors, which are similar in function to testosterone.

As was said earlier, they are prohibited by the World Anti Doping Association (WADA), and there are repercussions for athletes who use them to improve their efficiency. But fitness fanatics (and athletes too) use it and that’s why:

1. It causes an increase in the amount of lean muscle mass.

2. It has been shown to improve insulin resistance and lower cholesterol levels.

3. It has the ability to increase bone density.

SARMs, such as ostarine, are a much safer alternative to steroids, which can lead to hormonal imbalances and can even be harmful to a person’s reproductive functions. In addition to assisting in weight loss and muscle building, they do not affect the pelvic floor in any way.

The three phases that make up an ostarine cycle are the bulking phase, the cutting phase, and the body recomposition phase. In this manner, you will be able to ensure that you are losing muscle at the appropriate rate without putting your health at risk. A number of studies have also demonstrated that it helps to improve the health of the heart.

How Does PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) work?

Ostarine is one of the SARMs that has been shown to have a significant impact on the human body. As most of these medications were never developed to the point where they could be tested on humans, their full effects on the human body are not fully understood.

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Because selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs) like ostarine target your body’s androgen receptors, one of the most significant and well-documented adverse effects of powerful SARMs is a reduction in testosterone levels and an imbalance in hormone levels.

This can be highly upsetting because it causes a decrease in libido, fluctuations in mood, and a decreased energy. This situation needs to be treated immediately with post-cycle therapy, also known as PCT, so that it can be brought back into equilibrium.

During post-cycle therapy (PCT), your testosterone levels will be brought back to normal, and we will treat any side effects that were brought on by the SARM of your choosing. Nolvadex and Clomid are two substances that are typically administered as part of post-cycle therapy.

What Dangers Can PCT Have?

When not properly managed, post-cycle therapy has the potential to cause a number of unwanted side effects in the human body. It is possible for it to create a variety of physical concerns, including headaches, brain fog, melancholy, sexual dysfunction, and mood swings. You will have to consider a few things in mind in order to maintain the advantages of a SARM cycle to yourself while avoiding these negative effects. In point of fact, the first thing you need to keep in mind is to avoid overdoing it or even going through post-cycle therapy if it is not necessary.

Research Of Ostarine Effect On The human body

Numerous studies have been conducted to investigate the effects that ostarine has on the human body. On the other hand, there is not a great deal of scientific evidence that discusses the effects of particular dosages or when one should begin PCT. On the other hand, there is proof from personal experience that has helped athletes in their pursuit of increasing their percentage of lean muscle mass.

It is common knowledge that a cycle can last anywhere from six to eight weeks. You are need to maintain a daily dosage of 15 milligrams throughout this period. It is common practice for experienced bodybuilders to take upwards of 25 mg per day throughout the bulking phase of their training cycles. However, that is not something that everyone ought to do. You are required to maintain a daily dosage of less than 20 mg and to check the reaction of your body on a regular basis.

If you maintain a dosage of 15 milligrams per day, post-cycle therapy (PCT) is not required of you. We will, however, walk you through the process of performing PCT if you are a novice or if you have become aware of physical changes that have prompted you to perform the protocol.

Signs You Need To Undergo PCT

Getting a blood test done before beginning the SARM cycle is the most effective approach to get this information. In this way, you will have a point of comparison and will be able to determine for yourself whether or not your body is requesting therapy. The levels of testosterone in your blood can be checked with the use of blood tests; if the levels are lower than what is required, you will need to undergo post-cycle therapy.

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PCT Treatment After cycling MK 2866

The post-cycle therapy (PCT) protocol outlined here should be followed in the event that you reach the conclusion that your body requires it. In post-cycle therapy, the chemicals Nolvadex and Clomid are employed as treatment options. Your ostarine cycle will determine the appropriate dosage for you to take. Let’s have a look at that, shall we? Remember that certain people who have used Clomid have experienced feelings of depression. Therefore, Nolvadex is a chemical that is recommended.

Use Nolvadex or Clomid For PCT

After completing an ostarine cycle, the following is the PCT procedure for mild to moderate suppression:

Because you will be “on cycle” for the first six weeks of your steroid cycle, you should avoid taking your PCT medication during this time. You should continue to take either 20 milligrams of Nolvadex or 25 milligrams of Clomid daily beginning in week six and continuing through week eight. Also, keep taking the same amount of medicine from week eight through week ten.

This is how you should approach post cycle therapy if the suppression you experienced was significant. Continue taking the ostarine as directed throughout the first month of treatment. Take a daily dose of 40 mg of Nolvadex beginning in the sixth week and continuing through the eighth week. And from week eight to week ten, take it down to twenty milligrams each day..


In an ideal scenario, you won’t require post-cycle therapy if you maintain the dosage during your ostarine cycle within the limits that have been anecdotally accepted. However, if you do feel the need to do so, the principles that have been discussed thus far are the ones that are the healthiest to follow.

The easiest way to establish this is to conduct a blood test before initiating the cycle and have a recheck about week six when repression is likely to strike your body. In addition, PCT is indicated for a period of three to four weeks. Exerting too much effort will not result in any positive outcomes for you.

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