Daniel Murphy Opens Up About His Charge For Using Steroids In MLB

  • By: Dave Moffat
  • Date: October 19, 2022

There’s no way that Daniel Murphy could be living on something. He hit bombs like Barry Bonds and they’re not coming back any time soon, if ever at all.

The Met second baseman’s performance in the post season was so unexpected that people thought he must have cheated. He’s a contact hitter with an average of one home run every 54 at bats over his past seven years as well.

Murphy has taken a page out of the book on Bonds by launching seven home runs in 38 at-bats. While some people were trying to figure out what he was taking, they accused Murphy himself for using steroids.

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Who is Daniel Murphy

Daniel Murphy was born to Tom and Sharon in Jacksonville, Florida. He began his career of playing baseball at the age five when they signed him up for Little League! This ballplayer also played on Englewood High School’s team- where he ended up being named Player Of The Year twice during their four years there together before graduating with Academic Honors.

He attended Jacksonville University where he played college baseball for Dolphins. In his first two seasons, Murphy was seen as a strong hitter but below average fielder though still improving with time.

During his time at third base, Daniel Murphy had occasional opportunities to play right field. In 2006 as a junior he posted an impressive .398 batting average that helped him win A-Sun Baseball Player of the Year honors.

Daniel Murphy’s professional career began with the New York Mets and Washington Nationals, but he is currently playing for Chicago teams in MLB. 

He was born on April 1st 1985 to Irish parents who immigrated from County Clare before moving back home at age 18 when Dan became a citizen after finally achieving his American Dreams of having it all.

He is a true all-rounder, being able to play first base as well. After switching positions in 2014 he went on become an MLB All Star three times over the course of four years.

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He led the New York Mets to their fifth World Series appearance in franchise history, and he accomplished this by winning back-to-back National League Championship Series MVP Awards. With 6 home runs during his consecutive postseason games streak (a record).

Daniel Murphy steroids

Daniel Murphy’s Break Out Of A Superstar

The fact that Murphy has been a star in the majors for seven seasons is evidence enough to show his skills haven’t diminished at all. In fact, players who are 30 years old have improved by an average of 40-to 60 points when it comes down just one season where they lost 36 point off their batting average and 38 OBP while 80 SLG went down too.

Even after a year of initial breakout, the players were still better than they all had been ever before. They hit 15 points higher for wRC+ compared to their career average which is impressive considering how much better this team has done in recent seasons.

It’s clear that Daniel Murphy has turned into a much better hitter than he was in New York. Considering the loss of head-to-head competition, this also emphasizes how important it will be for him and his team the Nationals, if they want any chance at winning an NL East title during October baseball games again home field advantage goes against them.


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Daniel Murphy On Steroids

Daniel Murphy is one of the most wholesome players in baseball, but he surprisingly accused of using steroids for his high rated postseason performance. Such act leaves me speechless and initiates a discussion on whether or not he used these drugs.

Steroids are a great way to increase upper body strength, but they do not help with hand-eye coordination or bat speed. The side effects of these drugs can include increased acne and musculature growth in places you don’t want it.

Every player in the major leagues is tested for performance enhancing drugs at least twice a year. Random tests are also available, so why would someone who has been known as one of this generation’s power hitters put his career on danger by taking steroids? He won’t because they’re not worth it.

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Daniel Murphy hit a career high in the home runs this year where it was only 14. If steroids were to blame, then we would expect him to have shown signs of their effects during regular seasons and not just when he got hot as an All-Star.

There are reports that the New York Mets have hired a new coach who is well known for helping left-handed players find their strength stroke. It’s no surprise then, with these chances as similar and Murphy hitting seven home runs in this postseason so far – there’ll be none of those pesky PEDs taking hold within him.

His fans should be happy that he is still playing well after all these years, even if it isn’t easy. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing someone with no chance at success achieve their dream just by hanging in there and never giving up.

The Daniel Murphy Pivot is one of the most incredible things I’ve ever seen. He’s 32 years old and he still manages to get more than enough power ahead with every pitch, making it look easy as pie for him.

Murphy’s play in the majors is comparable to that of Bryce Harper, who has spent seven full seasons with his current team.

If Murphy continues popping off like he did in the past year, then surely this will make him one of decade’s best baseball stories.

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