MK 677 Pct – Is Ibutamoren Effective For PCT?

MK 677 Pct – Is Ibutamoren Effective For PCT?

The popularity of the Mutant MK 667 has grown in body building and fitness circles, where its advantages are by no means restricted to muscles.

It’s also been shown to enhance your general well being while also improving muscle strength. The following are some of the advantages: improved sleep, stronger bone density, better hair regeneration, and even a boost in one’s physical appearance.

Furthermore, some bodybuilders believe that MK 677 is a good choice for post cycle therapy. MK 677 PCT is the subject of this article.

MK 677 For PCT Overview

As previously said, a few individuals have started using it as PCT to counteract the negative consequences of the steroid they were taking. This may be owing to some of MK 677’s remarkable qualities, which help it function as a safety precaution against adverse effects caused by other medicines.

MK 677 What is It?

It’s a combination known as MK 677 Ibutamoren, which works similarly to ghrelin molecules and binds to brain receptors. Despite the fact that the orally administered medicine has a half life of just 5 hours, it raises growth hormone levels in the body for roughly 24 hours.

The MK 677 dosage that is most often given and advised is 25 mg once a day for three to six months. You may use MK 677 alone or in conjunction with another SARM to obtain faster results. It can also be used after a steroid cycle as PCT to minimize the adverse effects of steroids on your body.

Is MK 677 Effective For PCT?

MK 677 is being looked at as a superior choice than other PCT medications such as Nolvadex and Clomid for a variety of reasons.

MK 677 is supposed to have a reduced or nonexistent adverse effect profile, significantly different from that of other PCT medications. When used for an extended period, PCT medicines may develop their own adverse effects, which can become worse over time.

In contrast to other PCT drugs, MK 677 does not suppress estrogen and thus can be used for a longer period of time without having an adverse effect on your hormone levels. I would like you all know that even though most people perceive lowered estrogen as negative or harmful it could actually lead them into certain complications if left untreated with this condition.

Most PCT medications can only be used for four weeks, but MK 677 can be taken for a longer period of time without producing any negative or adverse side effects.

I should add that there are individuals who have taken Mk 677 or Ibutamoren as a sleeping medication for years without having any negative consequences.

The intriguing thing about this supplement is that while MK 677 is not often used to boost muscle mass, studies reveal that a dosage of 12.5 mgs per day for 16 weeks can help increase muscle mass by up to two pounds without any exercise. It means this supplement should help you keep all of your muscle mass after using a SARM.

You might be asking why isn’t MK 677 more popular among SARM users for post cycle therapy (PCT)?

It has been proven that this particular drug does not have quite the same potency as other PCT drugs on today’s market, leaving most users wondering if it will help reduce side effects from steroids or stronger SARMs like RAD 140 and YK11.

Is MK 677  A Good PCT Alternative?

Why not take the MK 677 for your post cycle therapy?

The incredible properties of MK 677 have been proven to be a successful treatment for PCT, with some being mentioned above. Most importantly it speeds up the recovery process and prevents muscle wasting after strenuous exercises or training sessions which makes this drug an excellent choice in Post Cycle Therapies (PCT).

The MK 677 is a PCT drug that has been used to help people with growth hormone deficiency. With its amazing qualities, it has shown to be more than capable as a therapy for GH deficiency. The following are some of the most important benefits like increased recovery and post cycle muscle retention.

The question presently is: Will it be as effective as a typical PCT medication, which leaves us wondering if it will work against stronger steroids?

Unlike traditional post cycle therapy (PCT), MK 677 can be taken for an extended period of time after your SARM/steroid cycle has ended.

The drug MK 677 can be taken along with a PCT regimen to speed up the recovery process. It has been shown as being more effective than other drugs in speeding up healing time and reducing inflammation during SARM/steroid cycles, but less so when compared side by side against synthetic anabolic steroids like  or Dbol.

The negative effects of a heavier compound will be more difficult to overcome, but MK 677 can still help with SARMs like Ostarine.

Possible MK 677 Side Effects

The benefits of MK 677 far outweigh any side effects it may have. When taken in the right dosage, these pills can really help you achieve your fitness goals and improve quality-of life for people around every corner.

 These side effects are primarily determined by the quantity you take. The best dose is 20-25 mg per day, but anything more or less than that seems to reduce the drug’s effectiveness.

Water retention, headaches, and tiredness are common MK 677 side effects. (Temporary) Increased appetite is one of the reasons why it’s not a good idea to take it throughout the bulking phase since it makes your hunger more obvious. This may affect some people in a stronger manner than others.

The use of MK 677 has shown to be safe and highly tolerated by all age groups. No negative side effects were reported in any individuals who took the drug, except for feeling tired after consumption with an appropriate dosage taken per directions on label instructions.

 Therefore we can say that it’s pretty okay if you ask me.

Best Legal Alternative for MK 677

The most effective approach to get all of MK 677’s advantages without risking prosecution or negative consequences is by using natural alternatives that imitate MK 677, allowing you to enjoy all of the benefits minus the risks.

The finest legal substitute to MK 677 is Ibuta 677 from Crazy Bulk. It can help you achieve amazing muscle and strength gains, as well as loses weight. Not only this, it may also assist you in burning calories faster and enhancing vascularity. Another advantage of Ibuta 677 is that it may help you sleep better.

The greatest thing about Crazy Bulk’s products is that you may combine them with other legal SARMs from the company to get even better results from your workouts.

Ibuta 677

Ibuta 677


  • Legal MK 677 substitute.
  • Naturally increases HGH levels.
  • Ideal for bulking up with muscle.
  • Fat is burned and muscularity is enhanced.
  • There are no known adverse effects.
  • Many happy users have written about it.
  • Multi-Pack Offers for a Variety of Products.
  • Free delivery worldwide.

Alternative Brand Options

Luckily, there are plenty of other options for those who want to illegally purchase steroids without having their actions analyzed by the government. If you’re looking at MK 677 alternatives then Ibutalean from Brutal Force and Thermo Tone by Juiced Upp should be on your list as well. The best thing about these two brands is that they provide high quality supplements with no side effects or negative implications and they do not require a PCT.


ibuta lean


  • Imitates MK 677.
  • Naturally increases HGH levels.
  • Increases metabolism
  • Anti-Aging Advantages
  • Fast-Recovering Time
  • There are no known adverse effects.
  • Many happy users have written about it.
  • Sold at $59.99.
  • Get one for free when you buy two or more.
  • If you’re not completely satisfied, simply return the product for a full refund (100% money back guarantee).

Thermo Tone

Thermo Tone


  • Legal MK 677 substitute.
  • Burn Excess Fat From Your Body
  • It promotes lean muscle development while also maintaining it.
  • Strengthens and Dries Out Muscles
  • Strengthens the body’s energy levels
  • Ideal for cutting cycles.
  • There are no known adverse effects.
  • Many happy users have written about it.
  • Sold at $59.99.
  • Return Window of 14 Days


MK 667 is the perfect chemical for improving your body’s mechanisms, but it isn’t enough on its own if you’re dealing with problems caused by other agents. While this drug can help muscle recovery and fighting post SARM symptoms- there are still negative impacts that need addressing in order to cope.

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