Was Ronnie Coleman on Steroids or was he Natural?

  • By: Dave Moffat
  • Date: November 27, 2023
ronnie coleman steroids

One of the best bodybuilders in history, Ronnie Coleman won 8 Mr. Olympia titles and was labeled “GOAT” which means greatest after being famous for having a physique like no other with an hulk-like face, vascularity all over his arms and legs due to extensive use steroids according some news reports back then.

While it is nearly impossible to achieve a great physique and immense power without using steroids or any performance enhancing substance, many people think that this feat can be done.

However, it does not mean that all top class bodybuilders have used illegal drugs or steroids to achieve Superman level. Some of them truly gained their monster power and great physique through hard working diet alone.

Ronnie Coleman is one of the most successful bodybuilders in history. He started his career with no wins and soon overcame this obstacle to become an elite athlete, which he still holds today.

Early Life of Ronnie Coleman

His birth date was the 19th of May 1964, in Monroe located within Louisiana, USA. The family later relocated to the nearby city of Bastrop in which the bulk of his youth was spent. Ronnie was required to earn money from an early age to help to his family’s budget.

As a young boy, Ronnie was very fond of sports and had an interest in basketball. He also loved baseball but his favorite game by far would have been American football where he could play alongside friends from school who lived close by on the same street as him.

 It’s not surprising that this love affair with all things sporting led to future Mr Olympia status at 14 years old when our genetic makeup manifested itself he weighed over 80kgs at 180 cm of height.

Before getting his childhood dream of being a police officer, Ronnie worked as newspaper and pizza deliveryman. He also went onto work for some time in accounting before finally making it into the profession he always wanted.

As a police officer, Coleman was always in top physical condition. But it wasn’t until he joined the MetroFlex Gym that his career as an amateur bodybuilder truly began to take off! 

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After noticing how talented and strong this new member of their team seemed at first glance, owner Brian Dobson offered him free lifetime membership.

When he was not on police duty, Ronnie trained hard in the gym and spent hours lifting weights. This made him to be an ultimate champion both with his heavyweight titles.

Ronnie Coleman Transformation

Ronnie Coleman on allegations of Steroid Use

For most of his career, he denied the fact that he had not used steroids or any illegal drugs for enhancing performance. The police service actually forced him to adhere with rules and regulations US just like everyone else in this country.

This is why the athlete denied using anabolic steroids for bodybuilding. But on internet, people can find videos where Ronnie was conducting steroid courses and soon either video or its content was simply removed without any warning.

It was in 2011 when Ronnie officially admitted to using steroids while giving an interview for “Muscular Development” magazine.

He accepted that he used steroids during his bodybuilding career, but only with the supervision of doctors. He also said there’s nothing wrong in being on these substances if they are prescribed by your doctor and used appropriately.

Ronnie Colemans Workout video

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End of Professional Career & Surgeries

Ronnie’s powerlifting career was cut short after he won 4th place in the 2007 Olympics. The athlete had always worked with weights such as 1 ton long press which are considered to be too light by most people, but they were perfect for Ronnie according his opinion on how difficult it should really feel when doing an exercise properly.

Unfortunately, this claim made him to replace his original joints with the artificial ones. It was in 2014 where he went through a hip joint prosthesis and soon by end of same year doctors implanted on both thighs too.

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He also underwent other operations as well related to hernia of the lumbosacral spine. The intense training session had damaged his entire body so for that he had seven surgeries on back within 11 hours of surgery.

Ronnie Colemans Steroid Cycle

It is said that Ronnie might have used growth factors, hormones and insulin during his steroid cycle. Interested people should look into what Coleman had used to get so huge.

Some people have also suggested he used Sustanon with up to 500 mg daily, Deca Durabolin up to 200 mg daily methandienone around 100 mg daily, as well as 16 units of the growth hormone every day.

The information provided above is a rough estimate and has never been confirmed by Ronnie Coleman himself or any of his closest sources. There isn’t any strong evidence to suggest that he used these anabolic steroids.

Ronnie Coleman’s Statistics and Bodybuilding Achievements 



Year of birth – May 19, 1964

Weight – 305 – 315 lbs (138-142 kg)

Height – 5’11” (180 cm)

Body measurements

  • Arms – 24’’
  • Chest – 58’’
  • Waist – 36’’
  • Calves – 22’’
  • Thighs – 36’’

Bodybuilding Achievements 

  • 1990 Mister Texas
  • 1991 Mister Universe
  • 1998 Mister Olympia
  • 1999 Mister Olympia
  • 2001 Arnold Classic Champion
  • 2001 Mister Olympia
  • 2002 Mister Olympia
  • 2003 Mister Olympia
  • 2004 Grand prix of Russian Federation
  • 2005 Mister Olympia
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