David Laid Take Steroids or Is He Natural?

  • By: Dave Moffat
  • Date: January 2, 2024

Have you ever heard of the internet celebrity David Laid? He’s very popular for his videos on YouTube, where he uploads bodybuilding content and all credit goes to natural gains in muscle mass without taking any artificial supplements or drugs which many people blame him with juicing but let’s find out whether it is true?

David Laid: Steroids or Natural?

David Laid is an up-and coming bodybuilder, fitness model and social media influencer. He was born in Estonia on January 29th 1998 as of 2020 he’s just 22 years old.

He had been modeling for years before he decided to take his own life into his hands and upload this YouTube video. It quickly went viral, not only because of how it showed off the changes in physical appearance but also due its honesty about what it took mentally from someone who austere beginnings as an average Joe like myself.

The video of this young man who went from being barely 5 feet 7 inches tall to over 6 feet 2 inches (1m89cm) has been watched by millions worldwide and landed him on popular media sites like Reddit. 

The transformation is inspiring because it shows that even if you’re not inclined physically, with the right support system around you can achieve anything.

David’s online popularity has helped him gain over one million followers on Instagram. This obviously opened doors of opportunity for David, such as sponsorship deals and other projects that he could not have achieved without being so popular in the first place.

GymShark saw potential in him and signed on as a sponsor, which granted them more exposure. Not only that but with this deal came opportunities such has getting acting roles alongside some popular bodybuilders like Steve Cook or even appearing on TV shows.

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Reality of David Laid taking Steroids

There are many natural bodybuilders that have made it their life’s work to build muscle mass. A lot of them also use performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs), but not all do  just like anyone else.

He began lifting weights when he was still in his growth phase, which helped him build muscle and get those overall body proportions naturally. 

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His genetics also played a big part of it all since they gave him that metabolism rate needed to burn fat at an accelerated pace while maintaining lean mass over time.

You might not be as lucky to have David’s genetics, but you can still look like him if your training is intense and consistent.

As you can see, David has a muscular frame but he isn’t bulky. His body is extremely shredded which makes him look good from an aesthetic perspective and it seems like his arms sizes might be telling the truth.

Evidence That David Laid Is Natural

David Laid’s pretty face and muscular physique have made him one of the hottest lifters in bodybuilding right now, but is he all-natural? Let’s take a look at some evidence.


David Laid is a good example of someone who has made the most out his genetic limitations. He doesn’t have an Photoshop-level body, but he still managed to create this shredded look on himself with some serious cultivation and effort.

You can be as good looking and healthy while working hard like David. It just takes dedication to achieve your goals.

Outright Denial

The fitness model David Laid is a natty who talks about steroids in the title of one video and denial when it comes to taking them.

When someone asked him if he thought they would ever consider using steroids, David replied with an honest answer. He explained that for him it ended up not being worth doing at any point but still defended those who do take them by saying “they’re really not bad people.”

Considering his statement “I’m not on steroids,” it’s surprising that this man tried to paint a good light for them by saying they’re just safe and necessary. 

But in reality, there has been evidence proving how dangerous these drugs can be if misused especially since their side effects include health issues such as kidney problems or high blood pressure.

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Proof That David Laid Uses Steroids

Despite his natural-looking physique, it is undeniable that David Laid displays some signs of steroid use.

Symptoms of Steroid Use

Looking at David Laid’s body, you won’t spot any obvious steroid symptoms. He has no protruding midsection or breasts and isn’t bloated either! 

But we can’t automatically conclude that he’s natural based on those observations even if other athletes have had success with anabolic steroids in their past careers as well.

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David has been working out regularly and his muscles are showing it. The pictures of him at the gym show a man who’s filled with pride, knowing that all this time spent on building himself up was worth every second in front an admiring audience or camera lens.

His muscles are so developed, they’re popping out of his skin. It’s clear he has been using steroids for years to get them this big and strong.

Timeline of Progress

When we compare photos of David Laid’s before and after weightlifting career, it is easy to see how much muscle he has gained in just over two decades as an amateur lifter.

A foolproof way that you can tell if someone has been taking steroids? Well there are actually quite a few things off the wall but one thing I would recommend checking out on their gains timeline because most IFBB pro bodybuilders will post them publicly so people know what they’re getting themselves into when stacking sets.

It is not easy to gain that much muscle mass in such a short time.

I have been working with fitness professionals for quite some years, and I’ve never seen anyone put on this kind of weight before without taking crazy supplements or having anabolic steroids.

If these observations about David’s progress are anything to go by, it is possible that he has started using steroids.


Like most people who have taken performance enhancing drugs to boost their bodybuilding results, David’s progress was stereotypical. In my research though it appears he has never been tested so we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

It’s not easy to bulk up like David Laid. But with regular training and the use of natural supplements like Crazybulk bulking stack, it is possible.

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