Has Jo Lindner aka Joesthetic taken steroids or is he Natural? (Natty)

  • By: Dave Moffat
  • Date: December 2, 2023
Has Jo Lindner aka Joesthetic taken steroids or is he Natural?

In the fitness world, authenticity is key. It’s about pushing your limits, breaking barriers, and achieving goals that once seemed impossible.

But the question of natural talent versus artificial aid often stirs controversy.

Today, we’re diving into an intriguing topic: Is Jo Lindner, popularly known as Joesthetics, truly natural?

Come with us as we discover his journey, examine his workout and diet, and ask experts to uncover the truth about his impressive body. Stay tuned!

Jo Lindner has revealed not being natural

Jo Lindner, a famous bodybuilder, recently confessed that he is not a natural bodybuilder.

Even though he did well, he admitted to using steroids instead of his own skills.

Many were surprised to learn that Jo, once seen as a top natural bodybuilder, had this revelation.

Rumors of steroid use had been going around for a while. The truth only came out after a video was released.

Jo stressed that he does not recommend steroid use to others. It was his personal decision in his unique circumstances.

Although it may disappoint some, this news reminds us that natural bodybuilding is difficult and requires effort to succeed.

Why Does Joesthetics Take Steroids?

Joesthetics believes you can only pick two out of three options to get the body you want: muscular, lean, or natural.

He likes being muscular, but knows that being jacked, shredded, and big is tough without good genes, healthy eating, and regular workouts.

Joesthetics’ advice emphasizes the importance of setting realistic goals, staying disciplined with your fitness routine, and being mindful of the barriers that genetics and physiology may present.

In the end, his fitness approach is simple. He believes you can achieve a balanced body with dedication and hard work.

What is good about Joesthetics steroid announcement?

In a recent speech, Jo Lindner spoke candidly about the dangers of steroid use. He regretted using steroids because they caused many side effects, despite earning money.

While steroid users may gain fame and fortune, Lindner emphasized that they are in the minority and most people struggle with the serious side-effects without reaping any reward.

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He made a strong case against steroid use, highlighting the risks that far outweigh any potential benefits.

Lindner’s speech is a warning for everyone, reminding us that using steroids has lasting consequences.

Why Doesn’t Joesthetics Stop Taking Steroids?

When it comes to taking steroids, it’s not a decision to be taken lightly. Joesthetics, a popular influencer, knows this all too well.

He relies on his impressive physique for his business but what happens when it’s time to come off the steroids? Stopping cold turkey isn’t an option, as it could result in serious consequences, including the loss of his carefully crafted image.

This is where Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) comes in. Joesthetics can keep his testosterone levels up while he stops using steroids by using this treatment.

Joesthetics doesn’t use many steroids. Instead, they take smaller amounts than what bodybuilders suggest online.

It’s important to make good choices about using steroids and taking care of your body afterwards.

Why Did People Speculate That Joesthetics Is On Steroids?

So, some people thought Jo Lindner, also known as Joesthetics, might have been using steroids. His veins were very visible. His chest tissue was larger than normal, which can indicate steroid use. He quickly gained muscle and experienced skin problems such as acne and hair loss, common side effects of steroids.

Jo even admitted to using steroids to help him get bigger muscles. But remember, while steroids can make you stronger and more muscular, they can also cause lots of health problems. Jo talked openly about the health troubles he had because of his steroid use.

Sadly, Jo died when he was only 30 from an aneurysm, which is a blood clot that can block blood flow. Some research shows that steroids might cause aneurysms.

Even though no one has proven that steroids caused Jo’s death, people still wonder if they could have played a role. This reminds us all that using drugs to enhance performance can be very risky.

What we should remember from Jo Lindner’s YouTube video

Jo Lindner, or Joesthetics as he was known, was a big deal in the fitness world. He even talked about using performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) in a YouTube video. His story gives us a real look at what can happen when you use these kinds of drugs.

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Jo made it clear that even though PEDs can make you really strong, they can also be really bad for your health. That’s why it’s best to avoid them.

He admitted that not everyone reacts well to PEDs. Some people can get addicted to them, or find it hard to stop taking them, especially if they start causing health problems. This is a good reminder that being healthy is way more important than looking perfect.

Jo also confessed that he didn’t get his amazing muscles naturally. This is a reality check for anyone who wants to get super muscular.

He pointed out that even though PEDs helped him get buff, anyone can get fit with enough hard work, a good diet, and regular exercise.

His story is a serious reminder about the risks of using PEDs. It emphasizes the importance of staying healthy and working towards fitness goals safely.


Jo Lindner’s story is a warning for all athletes and people who love fitness. It shows us how risky it can be to use performance-enhancing drugs.

Even though these drugs helped him get his amazing muscles, they ended up being really bad for his health in the long run.

We need to remember that we don’t need steroids or other harmful stuff to look great. All we need is dedication, self-control, good eating habits, and regular exercise. These are the real keys to getting lasting results.

As Joesthetics said himself, “You can always hit those goals if you just put your mind into it.”

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