Is Helmut Strebl on steroids or natural?

Is Helmut Strebl on steroids?

If you’re an active user of social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram then you sure would’ve come across the name Helmut Strebl and images of his ripped body going viral every few months.

Considered to be the man with least amount of fat in his body with his fat making up only 2-3% of his body mass, this 50-year-old Austrian bodybuilder and model at 205 pounds and 6’3” tall has been popular amongst the bodybuilding and model communities for years.

Generally, most bodybuilders are expected to peak in their 20s or 30s after which due to various reasons their bodies and career might go downhill, not being able to maintain their physique. But turns out Helmut Strebl has completely broken that myth and making the younger models and body builders run for their money at the age of 50 years.

 God really did take his time making this chiselled, veiny, ripped body one would think. But there’s a lot more to that than what it appears to be.

Helmut has won a ton of awards including being named as European pro bodybuilder and has won the World Miami Pro champion body builder award a whopping 5 times in 6 years.

Helmut is also a motivational speaker, reaching out to people who would like to have a career in this field, besides being a personal trainer, fitness ambassador and of course a social media sensation.

Helmut Strebl Early life and training:

It has been reported that Helmut used to be a scrawny kid as a child and had started training at the age of 12, which he slowly improvised with his own sets and routines, joined a local gym at the age of 16 and later decided to take it on professionally.

Helmut apparently has a strict and clean diet consisting of chicken, rice, egg yolks and protein shakes.

He also has a dedicated workout routine spanning 6 days a week of low-intensity cardio and separate leg days as well.

He states that his mission is to “serve as a graphic example of achieving ideals-ultimate fitness dreams and more”.

Helmut Strebl about being a natty on his website:

There have been numerous speculations and raised eyebrows about Helmut claiming to be a natty, that is not having taken steroids to bulk his body up.

Now most bodybuilders refrain from treading on this topic, as this might cast a negative image, costing them potential clients and sponsors although it is very common and not illegal.

People who haven’t taken anabolic steroids to increase muscle mass in their bodies ,but rather solely worked up their bodies based on diet and exercises, do put it out in the public stating so.

Helmut Strebl on his official website had stated, “I am a life time natural body builder, I’ve never used steroids or any other banned or illegal physique enhancing drugs.”

Helmut Strebl muscle mass natural or steroid-induced?

His stats at 6’3” tall and weighing 205 pounds isn’t too abnormal and is very well attainable without steroids.

His bold claim of being a natural does seem to be true for people who take steroids often tend to retain water especially in the muscles, hand and feet making them seem fuller. Whereas, in case of Helmut, the skin overlying the muscles seem dry, indicating that he might not actually be using steroids.

If one’s natural and their diet is devoid of processed food, salts, gluten then naturally they lose will lose water. Steroids with diuretic properties may cause loss of water, but within 24 hours the body tries to compensate by retaining water leading to bloated appearance, which isn’t the case with naturals. Naturals will always retain much less water as compared to those on steroids.

Helmut’s muscle mass isn’t too freaky and overdeveloped, his type of physique could be attained by proper diet, work out and good genes, it most definitely stands out from his colleagues of the same filed. If one notices close enough you could tell the difference between Helmut and certain athletes on steroids.

One more factor to be considered is his veiny, vascular arms and body. Although bodybuilders on steroids tend to have veiny muscles and arms, it can also be attributed to genetics, due to their thin skin highlighting their underlying veins.

Helmut also doesn’t appear flushed which isn’t the case with most weightlifters and bodybuilders on steroids. One can easily tell by the way the skin looks pinkish or red when it comes to people on steroids. Helmut has never appeared flushed in any of the photos or videos.

As we come to the end of this article, based on what we have observed and compared to other mainstream bodybuilders, models, weightlifters Helmut Strebl is just a natural with fantastic genes, disciplined workout regimen and a super-clean diet. His thin skin also adds to his muscles appearing defined, and his vascular body giving him a perfect, shredded physique.

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